Resources for Adult Education and Training

JACE is a large online rental service for peer-reviewed, scholarly research that provides access to a vast amount of academic publications. This resource uses the subscription-based model where members have three options for accessing publications: individual, academic institutions, and society or associations. All the three membership options require a person to create personal account. Members are required to pay certain fees to submit or publish in this journal. Individual and institutional subscription fees for print only publication are $85 and $397, respectively, while an institution can pay $365 to access electronic resources.

The journal focuses on both national and international issues in post-compulsory education. It targets a wide audience comprising researchers, professionals, and practitioners in all disciplines. This resource is research and application based as it publishes both research and reflections on policy and practice in adult education.

The resource advances knowledge and understanding in adult education and training and other research areas. Furthermore, it provides researchers and practitioners with a platform to contribute to debate and improvement in adult education and training. Consistent with Spezi et al. (2017), the rigorous nature of the peer-review process allows members to make contributions to both theory and practice in various disciplines of continuous learning and adult education. Biannual publications allow researchers and practitioners to keep in touch new developments in various sectors.

The Adult Education Quarterly is a peer-review journal that aims to advance theoretical and practical knowledge in adult education and lifelong learning. The journal offers both subscription-based and open-access options for its members. According to the open access model, both subscribers and nonsubscribers can freely access articles online (Spezi et al., 2017). Members pay a standard fee of USD 3,000 to publish their work.

The subject focus of this journal is the broad fields of education. It targets a wider audience consisting of students, researchers, and adults. In addition, this resource is oriented on practitioners in various fields in continuing education, including training, facilitation, resource management, organizational development, community organization, and policy design. The resource is research-based as it focuses more on publishing research using a wide range of designs, including survey, case studies, ethnographic, phenomenology, experiments, and ground theory.

This resource serves the education discipline by stimulating research and practice. The journal emphasizes a problem-oriented, critical approach to the development of knowledge in adult education and lifelong learning. The resource accommodates many scholars and practitioners in regard to its focus on diverse orientations, including positivist, post-positivist, constructivist, feminist, and critical theory paradigms. This diversity attracts scientific researchers oriented towards improving education knowledge and finding effective ways of instruction and practice. Lastly, the open-access model enhances access to and facilitates sharing of developments and furthering research in various education disciplines.


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