Promoting Language and Literacy

To create a classroom environment that supports and promotes language and literacy, some things have to be done and materials to be available. From the checklist, some things are lacking; for instance, students do not have access to personalized schedules tailored to meet their needs. Personalized programs help students learn at their own pace, and using pictures and photographs helps with memory. Photographs are a great way of offering differentiation for English language students. It relieves stress from unwilling learners by offering to read and assess photos rather than everyday print texts (Manoli, 2019).

Another thing that this class lacks is a master calendar showing daily events. The calendar is essential to make students more comfortable and secure when daily events are familiar and predictable. Another noticeable thing lacking is a list comprising of classroom rules. Rules provide a common ground for teachers and their students and offer specific limits of behavior, therefore creating an environment convenient for literacy.

The classroom also lacks immediate access to necessary printed materials. It is important to remember that environmental print plays a massive role in stimulating students’ emergent writing and reading capabilities. It offers real opportunities to develop students’ comprehension of symbols that possess a meaning (Manoli, 2019). In addition to the printed materials, adapted materials are also needed to facilitate easy reading and writing within a classroom.

Many teachers believe that technology can support, teach, motivate, assist, and utilize literacy skills for application and practice. This goes on to show the importance of technology in promoting literacy. Technology, which is also missing in this classroom environment, cannot teach literacy but is helpful. A listening center would also be a great addition as it offers the chance for students to listen to their preferred books read aloud repeatedly. The more a student listens, the higher the chances of grasping new words.


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