Response to William Zinsser’s “College Pressures”

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In the 1970s, students developed their relationships and made decisions following many rules and social opportunities. When young people begin their education, they are trapped in several aspects, and William Zinsser aims to discuss some of them and use the experience of students in the 1970s. The author’s main idea is that there are four types of pressures on students, including economic factors, parental involvement, peer relationships, and self-included expectations (Zinsser). Students face multiple obligations regularly: paying for their education, following parents’ pieces of advice, cooperating with other students, and admitting their standpoints and wishes.

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I agree with Zinsser that all these economic, social, and personal factors predetermine students’ lives and the quality of education. It is hard to develop enough clear and rational attitudes if there are some recommendations and regulations from the outside. Instead of focusing on personal needs and knowledge, about 30% of young people suffer from overexerting (Zinsser). However, if attention is paid to what is expected, it is hard to recognize what is wanted, provoking new psychological and social problems and concerns.

At the same time, I cannot understand all of Zinsser’s ideas. For example, he mentions that it is students’ own business to break the rules and circles of dependence (Zinsser). The author does not want to see young people as prisoners of someone’s dreams or wants. Therefore, they must believe in their powers and skills to become successful and independent. I do not think that this approach is correct because human relationships are based on cooperation, support, and mutual understanding. Instead of solving problems in economic, social, or academic fields separately, it is high time to make common contributions and recognize what is good for students, not for the government, country, or even parents. Thus, students should not deal with college pressures alone but use past experiences and promote changes.

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