Responses to Two Research Articles in Education

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To begin with, while analyzing the author’s first article review, “Teaching refugee/migrant students in the mainstream classroom,” it is important to note that the personal and family experience are important factors of qualitative analysis of the educational system. Moreover, the logical explanation of choosing the concrete article for the analysis significantly increased the quality of the report. However, the author stated that teachers would benefit from reading the article due to the high importance of the provided experience, which is incorrect from my perspective.

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To be more specific, when analyzing primary school teachers’ practice, it is crucial to understand that high school and university educators have a fundamentally different approach to the studies, and they should use other psychological methods in their working process (Lieberman, 2016). As a result, creating a curriculum for primary schoolers, who are children, differs from the university or high school timetable, where the audience is considered more attentive and responsible during the studies.

On the other hand, the author’s analysis named “Culturally responsive teaching (culture of pedagogy) and critical race theory” provided a clear notion about correct racial attitude during the teaching process. In certain cases, the teacher might harm students’ honor by positively emphasizing the importance of being tolerant to people with different skin colors, which is also considered abusing racial equality since the significance of this issue nowadays.

After the detailed analysis of the author’s opinion about the article “Supporting ELLs in the Mainstream Classroom: 12 Strategies for Language Instruction,” I can state that the explication approach was appropriately chosen, which increased the quality of the analysis report. More specifically, the author provided their explanation with not only the author’s main ideas but also with a personal attitude to the given methods. In fact, some of the best pieces of advice are introduced clearly and concisely, which is critical for building a powerful strategy of language instruction to students.

However, some of the aspects in the author’s opinion presentation made the analysis more difficult. For instance, the author’s absence introducing the term in the full form made the reading process harder. Instead of using the abbreviation ELL, it was better to implement the original meaning, which was English Language Learners provided with a concise version in brackets (ELL). Nevertheless, the quality of the article opinion presentation is considered to be high due to the full analysis of the strategies by providing the article author’s main statement explanation. Finally, when summarizing the main report analysis, it is crucial to state that the author successfully represented his own point of view and the reason for choosing the specific work. It was an important part of the analyzing process and building critical thinking abilities.


Lieberman, A. (2016). Teacher Learning and Leadership Of, By, and for Teachers (1st ed.). Routledge.

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