School-Level Teacher Involvement

Administration tasks in school facilities require a constant stream of feedback to remain as beneficial to their students as possible. For this purpose, stakeholders’ opinions must be collected and assessed by a group of knowledgeable employees who are directly involved in the teaching process. I would like to analyze teacher involvement in decisions made in my school in comparison with schools in Spain and Sweden.

At my institution, we are committed to the clarity and transparency of our operations and are willing to give voice to all involved stakeholders. At this time, there is an inconsistency in administrative tasks, and I recognize the need to improve our policymaking processes. Compared to Spain, the concept of a school council with the broadness described in the article, which includes local authorities and non-teaching staff, is not yet achieved (Andreas, 2016). The administrative structure at my facility is incomplete, which leads to gaps in teacher involvement in schedule management.

In turn, the Swedish method of involving stakeholders in school policies is closer to the one we utilize in our school. However, I, as a principal, am often engaged with teachers who help me make decisions on behalf of all involved stakeholders, including students and their parents. Both the teachers’ assembly and coordination bodies allow schools to develop new training methods and support students in any way possible (Andreas, 2016). The teacher council is a crucial source of meaningful improvements to our facility.

In conclusion, our educational facility needs to learn from the practices of other countries. These valuable insights into participation mechanisms adopted in other countries can serve as a starting point for the future modernization of our local institutions. We are willing to adopt new methods of the organizational structure following the reviewed examples, and I am ready to commit time and effort to improve ways to make participation more streamlined.


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