Sexual Assault Problem and Solution

The problem to focus on

I will consider the issue of sexual assault among undergraduate students. As stated by Coulter and Rankin (2017), sexual assault is one of the leading public health problems among college students. A recent survey revealed that college sexual assault is commonly widespread among gender minorities (Coulter & Rankin, 2017). Most importantly, sexual assaults could lead to victimization, mental issues, and anxiety. The problem requires proper investigation as well as an empirical survey to keep records.

The causes of the problem

It is complicated to define specific causes of such complex issues as sexual assault. Not only women but also men and other sexual minorities are affected by this issue on campuses (McMahon et al., 2018). Nevertheless, extensive sexualization and objectivization of women and gender minorities could be the primary reason why these groups are insulted more frequently (Orchowski et al., 2018).

The effects of the problem

The issue is a direct threat to the safety and comfort of college students. The horrible outcomes include rapes and other forms of physical and psychological violence. The presence of sexual assault in educational colleges significantly damages its reputation and opens the way for sexism and misogyny (Schwarz et al., 2017)

The problem’s history and development

The problem has existed for a long time and reached its peak in the second half of the last century. The masses did not discuss the topic, but the rising era of feminism and equality was revealed as a severe social problem.

Solutions to resolve the problem

The clarification and restriction measures conducted in the past failed despite well-established social and gender norms (Coulter & Rankin, 2017). In my opinion, the problem is in prejudices, and personal attuites that confirm any kind of violence acceptable.

Solution to remedy the problem

The first step in tackling the problem is to disclose and announce information to the public. The second step is to avoid victimization and victim-blaming at the time information is revealed. Thirdly, set social norms and rules regarding sexual assault and punish anyone who violates them. Lastly, increase ethical awareness of people about sexual assault and moral standards.

The best solution to the problem

It is necessary to implement prevention measures to eliminate underreporting and victim-blaming (Siefkes-Andrew & Alexopoulos, 2018). Moreover, informing the student about their rights and possibilities in reducing sexual assault is crucial. The issue requires the extensive involvement of all parties, including students, university, and parents.

The objections as to the problem and solutions

The issue is a serious public concern that needs public attention. Someone may disagree by offering prevention measures against sexual assault; however, as the problem does not depend on the victim, it is challenging to provide something else.


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