Should Guns Be Banned in College Campuses?

If a child is sent to school by a parent, they rely on the area to ensure their safety. Would it not be helpful to know that your child’s school is ready for anything every day? The number of school shooting are rising continuously, almost unfeasible, to pinpoint the specific number, as per the latest stories, that encourage their school tutors to carry a handgun for protection. There is much controversy about the use of arms in schools. How effectively can we safeguard ourselves from such threats or be prepared to fight with the same force? Moreover, the danger of serious offenses increases if a firearm is readily available. In addition, colleges cannot guarantee complete protection for personnel and students.

Permitting guns in schools will increase the suicide rate in educational institutions. An institution can be an exhausting environment for students. The tertiary institution is the venue where children and adolescents should learn who they are, where they conform, and what they would desire their lives to be. Their feelings should not match their fear that guns could be permitted on school premises. The subsequent murder scene for a school shooting may be a one-time safe harbor for learners to study and grow. McCabe (2020) claims that college members are always strenuous and anxious, and the fact that they can use weapons on campuses makes them more frustrating. The number of suicide cases will increase if we allow weapons on university campuses. As weapons are becoming more accessible, increased death will occur. Although there are few prolific suicides, Lampron (2017) argues that the fatal attempt rate is tremendous. Suicide is the most popular incident by intoxication, which is deadly 3%, while homicide by firearms is catastrophic more than 90%. Weapons on university campuses are increasingly likely to lead to death with these suicide efforts.

Consenting students and teachers to carry guns to school will distract the critical players from executing their academic obligations. The permission of weapons on school grounds will transform schools into scenes of crime. Educated members of society assert that permitting concealed weapons not only increases risk but, as others have argued, stifles debate in classrooms – an essential element of learning. The existence of weapons is going to frighten students at school. Students and teachers would not be able to express their thoughts. Some teachers might fear lower grades if those who know that learners can wear weapons. Moreover, recent reports indicate that gun massacres are sporadic, and college campuses are very secure. Students at every age have no excuse to bring arms. There will only be more future problems if individuals could carry covert weapons on campuses.

In conclusion, legalizing guns and other weapons in schools has more negative consequences than positive ones. Countenancing students, teachers, and other educational stakeholders to come to schools with arms might increase the likelihood of violent crimes such as mass gunfire in the institutions. Although a section of the society’s population advocate for the need to approve licensed artilleries in the school, Watts (2019) associate the availability of the armaments with accidental shootings that leads to loss of lives. Additionally, the decision to tolerate registered arms might encourage potential lawbreakers to acquire the ordnances illegally. However, although I advocate for the education stakeholders, including the government, to illegalize guns in school, it would be vital for them to offer security to the persons within the regional setting. This intervention will warrant that they lead quality lifestyles free from anxiety and stress to ensure they realize their short-term and long-term academic goals.


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