“Shouting Won’t Grow Dendrites” by Tate

Working in an educational institution is emotionally demanding, but the atmosphere in the classroom depends primarily on the educator. Discipline and student attention can be held with straightforward techniques, and every educator must comprehend them. Marcia Tate explores an alternative approach that will allow professors to maintain order and apply conflict management tools. Shouting Won’t Grow Dendrites is the source of numerous strategies that enable establishing a classroom atmosphere and managing student behavior effectively.

Tate discusses diverse possibilities for regulating behavior during and after classes. She emphasizes that speech is a teacher’s primary tool that must be mastered to perfection. If children know that every word the lecturer says is essential, they will not become distracted and do something extraneous to occupy time before recess. The most appealing idea of the book is that the educator’s voice does not have to be loud for children in the class to listen. Discipline can be maintained regardless of age, mood, or audience composition, and the most reasonable way to promote proper behavior is to get students curious.

Moreover, the book’s valuable message is that kids will know how to behave in class if their undesirable actions are prevented at the early stages. Conflicts are an integral part of the learning process, but one should not expect students to figure out how to behave independently; the problem will not change with the teacher’s inaction. Furthermore, intervention does not signify disruption because only the stability of the professor has a calming effect on the student. Educators should not use phrases that point to the superiority of the adult. The most favorable effect is observed when the whole class is united into a single group.

Shouting Won’t Grow Dendrites should be in every educator’s arsenal because the significance of this book cannot be overstated. Every lecturer must consider how to create the proper incentives and an excellent atmosphere to encourage students to behave sufficiently and learn the curriculum. Tate instructs that it is essential to develop a favorable environment rather than constantly reacting to behavioral defeats after they have already occurred. Furthermore, reading the book contributes to the understanding that the teacher has a significant role in shaping a new, informational society. Lecturer should be an example in the constant pursuit of knowledge renewal, mastering advanced technology, and developing creative, humanistic thinking. Students need to learn to communicate, express their point of view, listen to the interlocutor, and consider distinct opinions. Therefore, the educator must build horizontal communication when children perform tasks together.

The book contributes to the understanding that professors should be strict but predictable. If nothing is demanded of the kids, they stop being prepared, lose interest in lessons, and stop gaining knowledge. Therefore, all assignments should be studied, and deficiencies pointed out to children who should correct their mistakes. The book also instructs that the educator must be sensitive and observant because youths also have difficulties in life, and sometimes they need help. It is equally essential to be a psychologist and enter a person’s inner world without hurting a soul, and therefore the educator has to be tactful. It is significant to be communicative, especially with teenagers going through substantial breakthroughs in their lives.

One of the book’s ideas is that only a creative atmosphere promotes proper behavior and communication in the classroom. On the one hand, constant self-improvement is the most meaningful direction of the creative activity of the lecturer, in which his teaching abilities are manifested and developed. Systematic updating of knowledge is a subjective need of the educator and an objective necessity. Shouting Won’t Grow Dendrites also suggests a strategy for using various decorations, music, and lighting to create a more friendly classroom environment. This idea has a deep sense because the highest level of a professor’s professional activity is pedagogical innovation.

The creativity of an experienced teacher working with a classroom aims to make a suitable lesson for every student in the classroom. Nevertheless, this idea is also challenging because, in order to make lessons fun and modern, it is not necessary to buy equipment and use many additional materials every day. Sometimes it is enough to know the basic classroom management techniques, use the available resources competently, and zone the space for diverse forms of organizing learning activities.

Furthermore, Tate suggests that when a relationship with a student needs a reset, the educator should forget the past and start over. However, it is challenging to ignore previous misconduct and believe that all children in the classroom will meet the teacher’s high expectations. It seems like a practical approach, yet it can be inquiring, especially for experienced teachers that have been through diverse cases of transgression.

It can be concluded that classroom management is a practical issue for experienced educators and beginners. Bestselling author Marcia Tate indicates that the professor can facilitate learning concerns and increase accomplishments with proper approaches. The strategies in Shouting Won’t Grow Dendrites can assist every educator in creating a favorable learning environment. Screaming is not an adequate answer to discipline concerns, and everyone should comprehend that.

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