Starting School Later

For some, one hour does not seem as the time that could change much. However, when it comes to changing the time at which school starts, one hour can play a significant role. Starting school only an hour later can allow students to get more sleep, which would have a positive influence on both mental and physical health. When students are less stressed and feel rested, they are more likely to maintain high levels of attendance and academic performance (Wheaton, Chapman & Croft 2016). These findings were recently presented in the neuroscience study by Dunster et al. (2018) who concluded that “later school times were associated with more sleep and better performance in high school students” (p. 1). The overall improvement of adolescent’s well-being is expected to shape a better attitude toward school and increase their achievement both in terms of personal development and standardized testing.

It must be mentioned that an hour delay could lead to possible disruptions in logistics, especially transportation. For instance, it will be necessary for the district to negotiate a rescheduling of bus rounds (Andersen 2019). Moreover, starting school later will influence after-school activities, which will end later. However, the advantages of the change are worth several challenges along the way. Ensuring that students get enough rest will inevitably lead to their increased engagement in the process of learning as well as help them deal with such challenges as sleep deprivation, fatigue, and even depression. The change is expected to bring tremendous benefits to teens by allowing them to wake up later and naturally as well as go to school rested, energized, and ready for everything that comes their way.


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