Student Clubs and Organizations


Student Clubs and organizations are a service offered to every interested student in my college. For instance, there are film clubs, cooking clubs, foreign language clubs, art history clubs, photography clubs, sports clubs, and music clubs. Some of the societies include sports societies, debating societies, and other course-related organizations. It is considered an essential service as it helps in the personal development of students. This development is realized through communication among people and the exploration of different interests. The students can also acquire networking opportunities since they can meet people with shared interests and goals. They may have recourses and information that may be of help in achieving their plans. Moreover, the students can acquire social opportunities as they can meet people of common interest. Some students can also develop leadership skills by planning and implementing activities and events (Rosch & Nelson, 2018). Therefore, this makes clubs and societies essential to services offered at the college premises.

In the previous years, the college has had a challenge as students had limited knowledge of only what they were learning in class (Simpson & Bista, 2021). In addition to that, some students underwent stress, especially before examinations, due to many reasons. Some students had challenges to do with time management, and most had problems with self-confidence. The students also did not have an opportunity to gain more skills and utilize the skills practiced in other areas of interest. A solution to this problem has been met through student organizations and clubs. For instance, debate clubs help students acquire skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, and other technical skills (Padilla-Angulo, 2019). Students are also able to engage in their areas of choice, such as sports.

Many students engaged in the clubs and societies, encouraging socialization, which made them expand in knowledge as they could share ideas. Further, some students were able to discover their talents and improve on them. The clubs started helping some of the students undergoing stress to reduce their stress levels and anxiety due to relaxation of the mind. Through these clubs and societies, students learned how to manage their time correctly as some tasks were to be done within a limited time. The art of time management helped them realize the value of time and use it properly and maximally. When students engage in more than one thing, it boosts their self-confidence; hence they can become wise and experienced.

Description of Service

Each club has a day they meet up to discuss the club matters. The clubs each have officials who help in the club organization and a patron that manages the club. For each club, there is a registration fee that is paid at a very affordable price. Some of the club activities engage in activities that may require them to venture across the country. Therefore, the students can interact with new people and acquire multiple skills. Some clubs can raise money to help the needy in the neighboring society. Some organize competitions with experts from other institutions and, therefore, must do a lot of research. They also arrange for mentoring and tutoring programs related to the club. Further, some clubs go to the extent of publishing newsletters and articles on the issues associated with the club. Once new students join the college, they are issued small cards that give them directions to meet the club officials. They, therefore, have access to the club.

Activities available in clubs and societies mold students emotionally, physically, and spiritually. By traveling to different places within the country, they can interact with many people, encouraging socialization. Some clubs support the needy through fundraising and therefore feel appreciated and supported. When the clubs organize competitions, they do a lot of research which helps in expanding their thinking and gaining more knowledge. When they schedule mentoring, and tutoring programs, the students involved acquire skills and are trained to use them effectively for the club’s good. Through newsletters and magazines published by various clubs, they can gain money by selling them. They also promote the club man students and the community by posting them.

There are challenges experienced in the clubs and societies, including getting others involved in marketing the club to appear exciting. Some clubs require time for their activities which may require a lot of commitment, for example, sports clubs when preparing for a competition. Places to meet are limited to areas near the college for easy access to most of the students.


In conclusion, clubs and societies are essential in the college, which has helped curb many problems, including students undergoing stress, especially before examinations, for many reasons. Some students experience challenges with time management and issues of self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, students do not have an opportunity to gain more skills and utilize the skills practiced in other areas of interest. Student clubs and organizations are the best way the college has helped deal with the problems experienced by most students.


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