Synthesis Versus Argumentative Essay

The essay component is a particularly important aspect of writing and representation of views. In a synthesis essay, the author expresses a unique point of view, providing an illustration of a central theme supported with sources, while an argumentative paper showcases a position from the findings and evaluation of a topic. There are four steps to be taken in developing the former type of research, including the evaluation of sources, development of thesis claims, formatting, and arranging the content for the text. On the contrary, working with the latter format, the writer needs to investigate the details about a topic, work on generating evidence and assert his position. The most common challenges faced with such kinds of assignments are it is only necessary to present the facts validated within the sources. Nonetheless, one can overcome such concerns through extensive and intensive research aimed at compiling all the facts.

My topic for this course is “Advanced Directives in the Health Sector of the United States of America.” On the one hand, Weathers et al. (2016) argue that advanced care planning is vital in managing elderly patients. On the other hand, Miller (2018) claims that although legislative provisions are not conclusively assertive, some specialists consider them aimed at protecting the sick from dangerous medicine or procedures. In my view, the protection of consumers from harmful medication is more valid than the general approach to caring for older people. Although some experts believe that the government directives to stop painkillers have been a major development based on the synthesis of healthcare data, others argue that even patients have the right to make decisions concerning their treatment procedures. Advanced directives portray the problem of missing links within the healthcare systems.

In my view, advanced directives should be an integrated perspective that allows the government officials, physicians, and patients to participate in the treatment process. In essence, clients have a right to quality care and clinical engagement with doctors alongside family members.


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