Tablets Instead of Textbooks

The paper textbooks should not be substituted with tablets and laptops because it hearts eyesight and students productivity during the classes.

Counterargument paragraph

Some people believe that this view on the application of modern technologies in education is flawed. They claim that the active implementation of digital technologies in education makes it more exciting and allows students to gain unique knowledge. The study conducted by Mendez et al. concludes that students who use tablets instead of textbooks were more motivated to attend classes and actively participate in them (86). Besides, students do not have to bring numerous heavy books and notebooks to school, which is beneficial for the health of their spine. What is more, students have everything they need at hand. A tablet or a laptop could be easily taken on trips so that a student will always be able to refresh knowledge and learn something new.

Rebuttal paragraph

While there is strong support regarding the necessity to digitalize education, the case against the substitution of traditional textbooks with tablets is still a strong one. At this point, it is essential to notice that the purchasing of tablets, laptops, and software put strains on a budget of many school districts. Hence, some of them simply could not afford to provide gadgets to every student. Furthermore, some students might have financial problems and, consequently, could not buy themselves even a relatively inexpensive tablet. The continuous usage of electronic devices decreases the sharpness of vision in the long-term perspective. Finally, the application of tablets during classes reduces the productivity of students and increases the chances that they would end up surfing the web or chatting instead of using them for the intended purpose.

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