The Impotrtance of the Consuming Research

Consuming research is important among different audiences as it gives them a view regarding various occurrences and the reasons behind a specific phenomenon. According to Patten and Newhart, reading a study is essential because it reflects on different societal happenings (1). It gives people an explicit understanding regarding the issues which prevent them from achieving their goals, hence overcoming them. Research allows individuals to find the ways of incapacitating their weaknesses, hence attaining their diverse ambitions. A study gives the audience an interpretation of diverse formulas to navigate successfully during various problems in life. Interpretating a research allows the audience get informed, hence making decisions based on critical thinking. Moreover, consuming research encourages different audiences on the areas which need adjustment to enhance excellence. An analysis enables the audience to understand the surrounding environment. It encourages the reader to formulate other ways of furthering the specific research. On the contrary, there are cases whereby the selected participants have a common attitude, influencing a research outcome to favor their interests, hence forming part of the limitations since it misleads the reader. Nevertheless, all people should read research to obtain holistic knowledge.

Arguably, it is vital for all people to read research despite not being college students. Consuming information holistically is important because it enables people to be informed and understand various topics regardless of them not being in their respective areas of expertise. One gets to know the concepts which are applicable in real-life situations, hence overcoming different life challenges. Having knowledge and applicable skills in various fields is fundamental as it makes a person fit in other spheres of study. For instance, an adult not attending college and reads a research on the HIV/AIDS topic, develops the essential knowledge about the infection of the disease. Arguably, reading research gives the audience an understanding regarding online gaming, developing a comprehension of the approaches to adopt to overcome problematic gambling, gaming, and internet use. In other words, everyone, regardless of their age, is learning new concepts daily. Consuming research expands the reader’s mind, making them recognize societal occurrences. Interpreting and understanding various topics promotes diversification, which makes people aware of different scenarios. Hence, it is everybody’s responsibility to consume research to develop crucial knowledge of the events occurring within the community.

Additionally, this assignment could impact my future performance in other classes, considering that it encourages personal responsibility and the importance of critically analyzing different studies. For instance, the project has taught me the importance of engaging dissimilar literature types to provide definitive evidence and prove a point. I have comprehended that for the audience to trust and believe in a specific subject, there is a need for the author to offer critical evidence. Similarly, I will use proof as a backup option for my arguments. Moreover, I will consult various researchers and their discussions regarding a specific topic. For every question which I raise, I will subsequently encompass the sources to attract the reader’s attention and trust. It is crucial to use credible references, in this case, scholarly sources. Moreover, a study is not about mentioning and depending on what other researchers have developed but rather, using the already published material to challenge or support the given information by one’s unique ideas. This assignment will significantly impact my future performance in other classes since I understand how to make strong arguments and backing them with evidence.

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