The Influence of Writing Course

Overall, this writing course helped me to change my perspective on seemingly usual things, letting me observe them from different angles. It opened my eyes in ways I did not expect it would. Firstly, and probably most importantly, I embraced the idea of critical thinking to its full extent. It did not occur to me much previously, but now it feels like a filter for information appeared in my head, which transforms the white noise of data into something meaningful. Not only does it allow me to see what is actually relevant, but it also makes me more confident, both in my knowledge and myself. Secondly, I strengthened my ability to work with information – searching, reading, understanding, generalizing, and finally putting it to use. This experience can be considered invaluable, especially in the modern age, where information can solve practically everything. Thirdly, I realized the written language’s importance, variety, and beauty. From grammar and punctuation to semantics and syntax – correctly structured sentences not burdened with tautology or fillers invoke a vivid and delightful sensation, which I will not be able to forget even if I tried.

It was this realization that brought me the answer to how I am going to influence my audience. Words are mostly not limited to a single meaning; moreover, almost every word has a synonym, which allows them to swap according to our desire and will. Consequently, a sentence can be viewed as a container that has to be filled with words or, rather, with meaning, with ideas. An idea in its core is pure chaos; thus, to be able to share it with someone, we have to shape it with words, with our language. It resembles the work of a sculptor if you put it this way. Any writer’s job is to carefully and thoroughly pick a chaotic idea and shape it, polish it layer by layer, into a meaningful text. Therefore, in the same fashion as people would adore the perfection of shapes in a sculpture, my readers should enjoy the shape of my writing. In other words, I would like to influence my audience with the sheer precision of my expression – I am going to become a thought sculptor.

Thankfully, the world around us is filled with the materials for my work. With the consideration of recent revelations, my first target would be to revise everything I have learned so far, but from all possible perspectives. By doing so, I will lay the foundation of my future thought expansion, for the informational chaos is vast and full of misleadings. Then, to continuously grow as a reader, writer, researcher, and thinker, I will unsurprisingly have to read, write, research and think. I believe the biggest mistake would be setting artificial limits at this stage. Unlike our physical bodies, our mind is limited only to our imagination, which, with some practice, can be gradually expanded. Although, it does not mean I am going to write sci-fi or fantasy novels till the end of my life. I consider a sole devotion to imagination a limit in the same way I would a stubborn realism. This idea solidifies my vision of a future as a writer – I can properly grow and develop only by keeping the balance between the real and the imaginary.

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