Benefits of Honors Program for Students

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An honors program is like a separate college within another university, which allows students to concentrate on their studies and interact more easily. I hope to gain a lot and also give back to the program. The one major benefit is the ability to research topics and get access to facilities that are not common with everyone in the university. In tertiary education, just going by what someone is reading from books is not the most successful way to become better in a field. For instance, one can analyze various books and the authors who wrote the books and discover that even those individuals had to do some extensive research to come up with proven theories. An honors program allows for enough facilities for every student, which means they will find ample space and time to complete studies that will build their knowledge in a specific field.

Through the research, they get better and become the best in the field, making it easier for them in the job market after graduation. The ability to research topics that I believe I am good at or interested in is one that I hope to gain from this program. Just the same way I hope to gain, I must think of ways to impact the next generation. Researchers have been known for coming up with new information that students use to gain other knowledge, which means impacting society by helping others. I plan to do the same for the honors program through the findings that I get from my research.

I want one day to be successful positively and impact the next generation just like I was impacted by other individuals who used every resource they had. Studying and becoming successful in a career is important, but it only benefits the individual. Sharing this success with others, including those that one does not know, is greater. Sharing success can be in different forms and ways. For instance, one can share success and achievement by motivating others in the field, as students in the universities, and encouraging them to follow the right paths that will lead them to success. The same motivated individuals will become successful and one day impact others who will also do the same. Impacting generations and generations of individuals makes people remember one’s name for a long time.

For instance, let us look at some of the renowned scholars of the past like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. The two died a long time ago, but their impact is still felt today as some of the theories they came up with help in providing students with knowledge that assists in their research. This is the kind of impact I would like to leave after my life is over. A student’s life should not just on how the student is benefiting from the school system but also what impact they can bring to the school. Conducting studies is something that can help in achieving this. Also, being successful or significant will feel better if one has empowered someone to become the best version of themselves. A good example to take is sports stars or rich billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg. The individuals are successful not only because they have made it in their particular field but also because they have helped many rise.

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