Tricks and Notes for Training

Academic learning is always tied to specific difficulties that a student faces when mastering the material. While some fail when faced with a complex theorem or exam preparation, others resort to well-known techniques that make learning much more accessible. In my case, I would use the methods described by Frank (2019). In particular, for future exam preparation, I chose the mnemonic rule method and increased interest by using thematic media.

During the semester, I often have to learn complex rules and theorems, but using mnemonic rules implemented through rhymes and acronyms makes the learning process more comfortable. For example, to better memorize physical laws, I resorted to small poems that briefly reflect the essence of the rule. On the other hand, poems, rhymes, and acronyms also need to be learned, therefore I am ready to use the seventh rule, which is devoted to distraction to other classes with the same subject (Frank, 2019). For example, I can learn the history of the French Revolution not only from textbooks but also from games like Assassin’s Creed. At the same time, the chronology of the First World War can be transmitted by watching the film “1917”.

The right technology for managing one’s own time is the Pomodoro method, meaning that complex tasks can be broken down into 25-minute sections. This technique allows showing more performance with less time. For personal use during preparation for the session, I would initially define the purpose and tasks — for example, to deal with the theory of relativity. Since this is a huge mission, I would have to turn off my phone and social networks for 25 minutes to focus only on my work. Indeed, at first, the thoughts are not always directed at one issue so that I would write down small but essential notes on a separate sheet. After the first round, I would be distracted to make coffee or take a short walk around the room to get back to the second 25 minutes immediately after the break. After four such repetitions, I would take a more extended break to walk down the street or talk to friends. Although the technique seems primitive, I am convinced that it can dramatically change life and productivity: the number of tasks completed will increase every day while I will feel less tired.


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