Why Online Education is the Best Option

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Education is an essential aspect of human life because it prepares individuals to live in a highly competitive environment. Learning establishments apply various mechanisms when imparting students with knowledge. While most institutions use face-to-face interactions to teach, online education is quickly gaining prominence across the globe. Proponents of classroom scholarship often reference the transformative learning theory. It posits that a learner’s interpretation of the experience generates meaning which influences their behavior, suppositions, beliefs, feelings, and attitude (Graham 145). On the other hand, technological advancements have promoted the growth of online learning, where students gain access to course materials and lectures remotely. Online learning is better than traditional classrooms because even though the latter is interactive, the former offers individuals from a variety of backgrounds comprehensive and unfettered access to quality education.

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It is essential to note that online classes offer certain advantages to both students and instructors. For instance, teachers can organize important communication via discussion boards, emails, and chats (Graham 146). It allows individuals to study from anywhere in the world at any time. In addition, individuals in marginalized communities are able to access course materials from international institutions. This form of education saves money because it offers an economically viable option for individuals without the finances to attend physical lessons (Sadeghi 83). It is worth noting that access to the Internet has eliminated the need to commute, meaning individuals save time while avoiding crowded rooms that may facilitate the transmission of airborne illnesses. The academic plasticity associated with this form of education allows employees to further their studies while working in a regular job. Online learning offers individuals the opportunity to access quality tuition without sacrificing vital aspects of their lives.

While online learning is mostly beneficial, there are some drawbacks. First, students can easily get distracted and lose track of important milestones (Sadeghi 84). It is critical to point out that access to a computer and a stable internet connection may prove challenging for individuals in resource-poor settings. The absence of social interaction may limit personal growth and deny students the benefits of engaging with individuals from varying backgrounds. Also, a range of industries have demonstrated skepticism toward individuals with online degrees. Despite the aforementioned challenges, online education offers opportunities to individuals who would otherwise be sidelined by society due to the lack of marketable skills.

Traditional classrooms are essential in the delivery of quality education. They allow teachers to commit to maintain eye contact, offer structure, and give learners immediate feedback to vital questions (Graham 146). However, physical locations offer little flexibility, which limits the number of individuals capable of accessing the lessons. In addition, challenges concerning socialization can be overcome through conversations in chat rooms and discussion groups that often include points of view from different parts of the world. The advantages associated with face-to-face learning have been transferred to online classes because advancements in technology allow teachers to mimic conventional classroom scenarios.

Online learning is better for students than traditional classrooms because it allows them to access a variety of views from disparate parts of the globe. Technological advances have made online classes interactive by allowing students to receive immediate feedback from instructors. Marginalized individuals are able to access quality education because the Internet eliminates geographical barriers and allows people to work and improve their academic qualifications simultaneously. Online learning allows students to plan their schedules and meet their goals while fully engaged in important aspects of life.

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