Working With Interdisciplinary Team

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Perspectives/values of the disciplines represented in the student team and project team

Working with an interdisciplinary team provides credible experiences in the academic, social, and interpersonal realms. It is vital to recognize that my team made remarkable progress despite the challenges. Evidently, there was a lot to be learned as a group. This included various developments and exchanges of ideologies. A lot was learned about the perspectives/values of the concerned disciplines represented in our project. Having incorporated various disciplines, it was possible to discuss topics vastly and exchange unique ideologies within the team. Since every team member was experienced in diverse but distinct fields, the group had remarkable progress in its endeavors. Concurrently, each member of the team had a chance to exercise his or her social prowess and interpersonal skills so as to make teamwork and participation a considerable experience. Reflectively, the values presented within the group were evident. In fact, working with dedicated team members made every aspect of the work easier and more interesting. Consequently, the project was an ultimate success to all.

How they differed

The disciplines incorporated in the project differed in various aspects. This ranged from ideologies to principles embraced by each discipline. This was a considerable provision in the entire project’s context. For instance, disciplines that embraced scientific ideologies had considerable explanations for various phenomenal incidences within the project. For example, mathematical disciplines helped in solving important arithmetic requirements within the project. Precisely, the norms spearheaded by each discipline differed considerably despite the mutual interactions. This indicated the major differences noticed within the concerned disciplines. It was vital to integrate one another (the involved disciplines) so as to attain the required project results. Contextually, the team roles were assigned to each group member on the first day of the meeting to ensure that everyone has participated in the project equally.

Contribution of each Discipline to the Team’s Work

Each discipline incorporated in this project contributed immensely. As indicated before, it was possible to acquire varying ideologies, principles, and values from different disciplines. Ethical aspects embraced within the team and professional guidance attained for the project were multi-faceted in nature. Interdisciplinary integration is a critical provision in various contexts. It provided an informed approach to the project’s task. Members of the team were able to determine the destiny of the project based on the interdisciplinary ideologies embraced in the entire context. Additionally, each discipline had a unique approach to the problems and provisions of the project. This ranged from arithmetic aspects to interpersonal interrelations demanded within the team. These factors contributed immensely to the team’s success in executing its project mandates.

What each person brought to the team that was unique

Evidently, every team member contributed credibly to the project. There were different personalities, ideologies, and potentialities that each member brought. These provisions were harnessed to benefit the team in various contexts. Medically, it was possible to identify and attend to high-risk patients that experienced complications after discharge. Providing such patients with proper education was appropriate to establish proper transitional care services. These were possible through teamwork; the contributions made by each team member.

Ground Rules and Team Decision-Making Processes

There were stern rules set to govern the team through its endeavors. Respect, commitment, mutual understanding, enthusiasm, co-operation, openness, and determination were values integrated within the rules embraced by the team. Decision-making processes incorporated problem establishment, scrutiny, development of various possible solutions, evaluating each solution, and settling on the best choice.

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