Career Change Decision: the Time Management Fundamentals

A career change decision is not simple to make, and it might be challenging to determine the precise date of such brave action. One should be aware of their motives and reasons to initiate significant life changes. Sometimes, people repeatedly ask themselves about the reason for having a wish to try the other type of employment. Once the response is clear, one should stay focused and attentive. It is essential to concentrate all the efforts on decision-making and putting it into action. I have experienced shifting from one working field to another, and, during this tough time, I have gathered six steps of preparation one can use before switching jobs.

Six Steps of Preparation

First and foremost, a person should write down the reason for choosing another profession. He should prepare himself for all the emotional and mental obstacles that will undoubtedly arise because of the career he wishes to replace. Secondly, he should set the date by which he intends to accomplish the change without any procrastination and excuses. It might be useful to consult with family, friends, and a mentor to get some advice and support. Third, the person needs to prepare for the financial challenges as the new job application might take more time than expected. Additionally, the lack of expertise in a new field of performance might hold a person on a low-income level for the first few months. There should not be any disappointment as if one has the motivation and a positive mood, they will achieve everything they want. Without any doubt, one must prepare financially before changing a career and have some savings if something goes not according to plan. For instance, a person can find a part-time job to try a new working environment and research the average income of the people employed in this profession.

The fourth step is about dedication and concentration on the way to new challenges presented by the journey. It will not be easy, but one must confront the new chapter that is about to begin. The fifth step is to expand the knowledge by attending classes, earning certificates, attending seminars, and conventions. It is also important to find mentors that will inspire a person to a career change. Lastly, there is no guarantee that the new profession will suit the human, and he should take a risk to know that. After making such a life decision, some individuals do not meet their expectations. However, one should always try to experience themselves better and make the next move closer to the dream.

My Experience

Switching careers from cosmetology to accountancy was not an easy option. I worked as a cosmetologist for over 15 years, and I have always had a passion for being a cosmetologist. I owned and maintained a boutique beauty salon for six years. Unfortunately, in 2020, the beauty salon was one of the businesses affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. I attempted to stay in the business and used everything that was in my power to maintain it. I pondered numerous times whether making a career change was the best choice. During this time, I have made a six-step self-preparation list that navigated my professional move.

It took over a year and a half to decide that I must consider the financial status to support my online schooling. I decided to enroll at CSU-Global in November 2021 and pursue a Bachelor of Science major in accounting. I am currently employed full-time as an account’s payable accountant in a Health Care Clinic with 16 different locations in Los Angeles, California. At the same time, I am also enrolled in CSU Global-online school, and in December 2023, I hope to complete this program.

Currently, I am facing various challenges, but I know that after the career change, I can manage various obstacles in life. I’m confronted with time management issues, and the personal Calendar helps me solve most of the tasks. According to the advice of Dave Crenshaw (2011), time management is about what is critical and what is not critical. All the duties are prioritized now, and my online education is my top priority. The other priority is to learn to cite in APA style, and I making some changes to a more confident academic writing and citing in APA. I am also navigating the CSU library, starting a smart thinking tutorial, and conducting research on proper citation and reference usage.


A career change decision is a brave and risky action leading a person toward a wave of new experiences and challenges. It was difficult for me to make the transition from a cosmetologist to an accountant but during this way I have already learned a lot. I will inevitably keep being confronted with hurdles and feel insecure, even with the most careful planning. Sometimes I still question whether this is the best course of action. I have decided to alter my career path and followed through on it. I am still on this journey and encountering obstacles, as achieving this goal requires a lot of effort and commitment. I envision a career transition that is difficult at first but ultimately rewarding. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “It is not the destination that matters, but the journey.” I am gaining knowledge on this journey, both personally and educationally.


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