Coronavirus Pandemic and Educational Process

In the year 2020, the entire planet has been affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic. As the disease spread across the globe, countries had to introduce particular restrictions in order to limit direct human contact and stop the outbreak. All spheres of people’s activities have been affected by the coronavirus restrictions, including education. The learning experience has changed significantly over the past year, making it more difficult for students to study well.

The learning process has changed significantly since last year due to new restrictions in terms of personal interaction. We used to study in a classroom, but now everything happens remotely via computers. As a result, students spend more time at home, which is rather negative in terms of socializing. In addition, spending much time in front of a computer is exhausting and detrimental to one’s health.

At the same time, basketball was an important aspect of school life for me. I dedicated much time and effort to it, which helped me progress. I took part last season as part of the school’s team, which was an incredible experience. I was going to continue my development in this area, but this season has been canceled because of the pandemic. As a senior year student, I will not have the chance to experience school basketball again because of COVID.

Finally, the new study rules have affected my academic success. As said previously, the new coronavirus-related restrictions had schools resort to e-learning. As a result, all classes now take place in the online environment, and students do not interact with classmates or teachers directly. Personally, I study better when the process is hands-on, and I can fully experience all its aspects. In the case of online learning, I feel distant from the material, which is why my performance has become worse.

In conclusion, COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on many aspects of people’s lives. While many spheres have been affected by it, education is an area, which suffered the most. Students are no longer able to attend schools in person and partake in extracurricular activities. This sense of distance makes it more difficult to study the new material and perform well at school. The issue is serious for senior students, for whom this year will be the climax of all previous studies.

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