Diversity Aspects in Education

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The diversity dilemma is an emerging controversial issue that affects society in numerous ways. There are various programs designed to bring equity to the educational system by supporting underrepresented groups in schools and universities. However, these programs may lead to opposite consequences, causing discrimination depending on racial or cultural characteristics. There are many who believe that such an approach may develop and maintain equality in the educational system, and there are others who strongly disagree. Affirmative action may cause problems related to equal assessment and education. In some cases, it may even deprive supported groups of the sense of achievement as it may be impossible to determine affirmative action’s impact.

Throughout the last few decades, a number of lawsuits took place against educational institutions regarding the issue of discrimination. In 2014, Students for Fair Admissions filed a lawsuit against Harvard related to the race-based admission process significantly disadvantaging Asian-American students. Even though affirmative action may serve a noble cause of establishing equality, currently implemented methods should be revised and improved in order to target the goal properly. There are those who believe that the difference in the results of admission examinations may not be related to race or culture but to groups closely linked with racial and cultural aspects. It is statistically proven that students from wealthy families tend to perform better in examinations.

There are several diversity-related topics reflected in the documentary. The most significantly covered topic is related to the subject of racial diversity and the underrepresentation of various groups in higher education institutions. The issue is extremely controversial, and opposing views regarding the dilemma of affirmative action are provided. Another considerable diversity-related issue is closely linked with socioeconomic status. Education may not be provided equally regardless of the socioeconomic status of the student. Unfortunately, such an approach is caused by social segregation and maintains itself, creating a vicious circle.

Therefore it may be necessary to develop proper affirmative action to break the cycle and provoke equal treatment. The documentary also mentions such issues as gender bias and cultural discrimination. According to Hughes, it may be necessary to develop affirmative action, which is not based on cultural or racial aspects, but on the factual disadvantage of a concrete individual, regardless of general characteristics, such as race, age, or gender (CBSN).

Personally, I believe that the issue should not be explicitly viewed from one of the opposing perspectives. In the process of solving controversial dilemmas, the optimal decision may be a compromise between two distinct approaches. It is necessary to acknowledge that there are, indeed, discrimination issues and diversity that should be supported. However, the practical methods designed to maintain equality should be analyzed carefully before implementation. The above-mentioned framework may be beneficial for some underrepresented groups and provide a disadvantage for others. It may be needed to develop an individual approach that takes a wide variety of aspects into account.

Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs) correspond with the subject fully. There are several concepts and principles related to the diversity dilemma in the educational system. For example, according to FEAPs, it is necessary to respect students’ cultural and family backgrounds. Moreover, appropriate evaluation and assessment criteria are required to monitor learning. Conclusively, emerging diversity issues and complicated, as they did not receive sufficient attention in the past. Nevertheless, the establishment of a well-designed comprehensive approach may contribute to the solvation of such a controversial dilemma.

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