Dual Enrollment: Definition, Advantages

Dual enrollment is known as concurrent enrollment, where the primary program allows learners to register into two different academic institutions. In other words, it is only high school students allowed to take university or college courses. To join the Dual enrollment, there is some individual students’ eligibility that should be considered. Dual enrollment is very advantageous because it helps students save time since they are learning two levels simultaneously (Alsup & Depenhart, 2020). Besides this, registration is cost-effective, and they offer a different collection of classes. With these advantages, I would consider taking a Dual enrollment. Some strengths will advantage me in Dual enrollment, and these are as follows:

Considering the grade level that I am in, it is one of the eligibilities to join a Dual enrollment; most states think taking students who are at least in Grade 10 or 11. It is not a challenge to me with the grade level case since enrolling in the courses. Therefore, I believe that I am a strong candidate to be considered in this case.

Secondly, the Grade point average is considered where the least high school level grades should be average. These essential criteria are used for admitting students in a Dual enrollment; therefore, I am way past the intermediate level since most of my ranges from A to B. I believe this makes me an outstanding candidate for applying the Dual enrollment. Another strength is that it was fortunate of me since I passed my assessments test to be specific PSAT scores, which make me gain admission at the Dual enrollment. Therefore, they consider admitting students due to their integrity capability of handling two courses simultaneously without putting too much pressure on it. Another factor that is a strength to me is that my parents have considered me taking Dual enrollment as a good thing; therefore, I am comfortably pursuing this enrollment. My plans are such as having time and opportunity to join extra-curricular activities, which students believe will be much easier when they enroll in the courses in the different institutions.

This enrollment will help me gain different experiences of life through college life. For example, if a person decided to join a Christian college, they will have many adventures in Christianity life. The Dual enrollment will help me gain many life skills through both college and high school life. Some of these skills are proper time management, responsibilities, and even the act of being very independent in preparing exams and finishing the assignment should be self-directed. Students want to be challenged academically to receive knowledge at a much deeper level than those obtained in junior schools. The aspirations are to finish school much faster and earning money through employment to support my family and support my siblings through their education. The skills obtained through extra-curricular and other activities will help me grow my business’s success.

In conclusion, it is convincing that with my strengths and aspirations, I should consider Dual enrollment since this has a lot of benefits such as saving money, attaining skills, and exposure to college life at an early age is much better. These classes also help save time; thus, time management is exceptionally vital, which is better. For the strong candidates it cannot be a challenge since it helps gain different experience of life through college level.


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