Educational Psychology: Behaviorism

Concerning educational psychology, the content that I think would be most helpful is behaviorism. The perspective is fundamental in determining some of the significant shifts in behavior in helping one comprehend what others are trying to communicate. In my future career, behaviorism will play an essential role in helping me concentrate on my student’s behavior rather than their thoughts (Tan et al., 2017). When establishing the relationships between a learner’s specific actions to the immediate consequences and precursors of particular actions, behavior perspective will help me develop positive attitudes between my students and me.

I desire to establish conditioned stimuli that elicit interesting emotions when teaching towards evoking an approach that allows students to ask questions rather than be passive partakers of educational content (Tan et al., 2017). Through the system, it becomes possible also to arouse psychological naturalness and comfort in the learning process. Behaviorism’s other significance in my future career is the ability acquired that allows me to create a reward learning environment where students are given tokens in exchange for their desired items. This aspect is critical when dealing with students since it forms the foundation through which learners are either punished or rewarded based on their behaviors (Tan et al., 2017). Fundamentally, comprehending the outcomes of behaviors is an essential factor in molding a learner into becoming productive in academics.

Therefore, the perspective will be central in monitoring how students relate with their education, with others, and with me as their educator. The learned behaviors will allow me to determine the approaches to take when dealing with the students, as a group and personally, towards bringing out the best in each of them (Tan et al., 2017). Through comprehending the learner’s behavior, I will be able to determine reflexivity on account of the consequences encountered with every reaction.


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