Gateway Technical College: Experience


The studying process is frequently accompanied by hidden curricula that are adequately organized at Gateway Technical College. Hence, it is better to discuss the knowledge and abilities acquired during the time spent there through the lens of instilled values and principles. These notions are critical for my future success as an employee as well as an active member of society, which makes me willing to share the underlying concepts supporting the experience. Therefore, I would say that I learned about myself as an individual and others by improving communication and developing skills corresponding to my goal of being an efficient person in any setting in the future.

Time Management

The main aspect determining my greater chances to meet the above objective is the acquired ability to appropriately manage my time. It is conditional upon the need to multitask, which is essential for success, and it seems valuable for promoting interactions with people. These skills are beneficial for completing tasks when studying; however, they seem even more advantageous for creating an image of a reliable person and thereby evoking trust in my responsibility. In the workplace, this area is critical for ensuring continuous progress and career promotion, while it can also help me build healthy relationships.

Personal Strengths

Another benefit of my time at Gateway Technical College is the information I received about my personality. In this period, I took a Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment, which showed the strengths I can rely on when increasing my efficiency in the future. As per the results, high scores in harmony, empathy, deliberative, restorative, and adaptability confirmed my flexibility in approaching tasks. This knowledge appears to be useful for performing any operations at work since the present-day environment is continuously evolving. Since I know about these characteristics, they can help increase my confidence when dealing with emergencies.

Free Services

The experience at Gateway Technical College was also positive from the perspective of learning about free options available to the students. Hence, the possibilities to find tutors when needed, access disability services, and use support counseling are vital for one’s efficiency. Regardless of individual characteristics, all the obstacles to receiving high-quality education are eliminated through the inclusion of these three sources of assistance. They facilitate the studying process for all people while making it comfortable and enjoyable.

Diversity and College Policies

The final aspect which attracted my attention was the promotion of diversity in the facility since I consider it important for students’ success in the future. At Gateway Technical College, it is incorporated into different activities, such as multicultural clubs and the presence of underrepresented minorities. In addition, the policies incorporate guaranteeing safety for individuals, preventing specific threats, such as substance abuse, and emphasizing the significance of cooperation between learners and educators. These provisions appear to be effective for maintaining a balance between personal and collective needs and beneficial for everyone’s well-being in society in general.


In conclusion, the experience at Gateway Technical College allowed me to learn about my strengths in increasing efficiency, which is my primary goal for the future. The availability of free services and resources alongside the supportive environment contributed to the successful adoption of values, such as diversity and partnership. As a result, this knowledge will improve the outcomes of pursuing my plans of becoming an active member of a society guided by proper morality and a reliable person in any context.

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