Humanities and Their Importance

Education plays a critical role in the life of any person. Today, it can be viewed as the central requirement of an individual to get a well-paid job and build a successful career. It partially explains the high tuition cost and its constant growth every year. The increasing demand for knowledge makes it a valuable asset that can be sold at a high price. However, the given factor impacts students’ decision-making and their choices, as they are ready to pay for education, guaranteeing their employment. Under these conditions, humanities are viewed as less essential and unnecessary. However, it is an erroneous judgment as this sphere is fundamental for society’s progress and individuals’ success.

First of all, humanities are critical for broadening the worldview and acquiring the general knowledge necessary to be viewed as an educated person. The category includes disciplines studying aspects of human society and culture, such as language, literature, philosophy, archeology, and history (Reiter 5). All these sciences are fundamental for developing and evolving the communities and their cooperation. At the same time, a person lacking knowledge in these spheres cannot be viewed as educated with a broad worldview and developed mentality (Reiter 3). As a result, they might fail to compete with other specialists who have comprehensive knowledge in various subjects, not only practical ones.

Moreover, humanities are focused on studying the unique heritage of humanity, including its art and history. For this reason, it becomes critical to investigate past achievements to ensure they are used as the basis for new attainments and successes. Furthermore, a nation that does not remember its past will not be able to build a prosperous future as it will be doomed to repeat the same mistakes and have the same failures (Reiter 7). For this reason, humanities have a unique practical utility as they cultivate the enhanced vision of the current state of society’s evolution and what aspects should be improved to attain better outcomes.

Finally, the necessity to study humanities comes from their interrelation with practical sciences and STEM jobs. In other words, being a good radiographer without a clear understanding of how the technology works are impossible. It means that the history of its discovery and how human thought evolved is necessary for becoming a good specialist in the given sphere. In such a way, humanities create the basis for the evolution of other knowledge and sciences (Reiter 12). It is impossible to speak about their usefulness as one cannot separate them from the current body of knowledge. For this reason, selecting the courses, it is vital to consider the role this field plays in the formation of young specialists and they’re becoming respected workers.

Altogether, the high cost of education makes students think about their future careers and choice of courses. From this perspective, humanities might be viewed as unnecessary because of their seeming uselessness and lack of practical utility. However, the given idea is entirely wrong as the knowledge of history, language, literature, and culture helps to make a person a better specialist and expand his/her worldview. In such a way, it becomes critical to devote much attention to this aspect and study language and math, as both these fields are necessary for a would-be specialist who wants to succeed in the future.

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