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Children pass through different stages, which are equally crucial and should be handled with utmost care. The stages between birth and when a child attains eight years old when a child’s brain is undergoing massive development, are early childhood. In early childhood, a child develops massively and is significantly influenced by the people and environment. In the near past, early childhood is a field that has been studied more than ever before. Early childhood is a great determiner of a person’s future character and behavior.

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Child maturity is very rampant at the early stages of a child’s life. Childhood is a phase where children’s bodies undergo much development. It is around many areas, not only physical but also mental. Cognitive growth is a crucial factor in which children gain knowledge and understanding of life and the environment (University Digital Conservancy Home, n.d.). Research has shown that as early as a child is born, up to three months, the child can recognize love and affection. Growing physically is a crucial factor in children’s growth cycle. Many children are hyper at this stage, which is why they get into accidents, some of which are life-changing.

Arterial language is the language a child learns first from the parents or from the immediate environment. Children learn from birth, when they start crying and laughing as the main form of communication, to when they attend school and start reciting songs and later learn complex forms of language like proverbs, tongue twisters, and other forms of figurative language (Campbell et al., 2020). The way children are taught to express themselves respectfully really matters a lot. Social-emotional development combines two aspects in one; social and emotional growth. It is the phase where it is crucial to teach children about boundaries and how to maintain peaceful, healthy relationships.

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From the study about early childhood, it is very evident that we learn so many things about how to raise our children right. The study shows that love and affection given to children are significant determinants of a child’s future. It has shown that children born in abusive and alcoholic families grow up to suffer from their traumatic pasts. Additionally, it shows that children are hyper at an early age and should be taken close care of to prevent accidents. Moreover, the study shows that children’s brain develops so fast in the early stages. It is vital to provide the correct information to young children and present them with challenging mental tasks to boost their creativity. In addition to that, the study shows us that early childhood is the backbone of relationships. People start to interact early from birth when children unite with their parents and continue forming relationships with family and friends. Healthy relationships are established at this age, where children should be taught to respect boundaries.

In addition, the study shows that proper communication should be established early. Children should be taught when they are still young how to express their feelings and everything that is troubling them to minimize the increasing rates of depression amongst young people. On top of that, children should be fed well to grow strong to fight diseases. The study brings out the fact that children require much advice as they grow into adulthood. They should be advised from an early stage and shown the reality of life in order to lead healthy lives with their mates. Moreover, the study shows that as children grow and approach puberty, they experience significant physical changes. It should be normalized to teach children the changes they are likely to undergo in order for them to be more confident about themselves.

Apart from learning about the parent’s role in ensuring that the children get a wonderful early childhood, we learn more. Early childhood should be looked upon with more seriousness than ever before. The government should set up organizations that create awareness about early childhood. Another thing is that kindergarten teachers should close monitor the children they have and update a child’s report regularly. The report should later be given to a therapist for evaluation, and if an abnormality is detected, the child should get professional assistance. To assist children at such a young age, the government should closely monitor how children are raised. To minimize the possibility of children dying of malnutrition, the government can take custody of children born from low-income families and raise them to a more mature age.


In conclusion, standards have been created from which the children’s progress is gauged. Pennsylvania was one of the first states to create standards for early childhood development (Melby et al., n.d.). Some of the standards that I would recommend for the children I will be working with are the standards set for various subjects. This measure greatly helps in the children’s comprehension of academics. The addition of science and engineering to the curriculum is another good standard. It helps to elevate the children with high IQs and put their skills into place. Another standard is through children’s playing and social interaction, which helps in emotional development. Children learn a lot from each other because they can easily understand each other through games.


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