Instructional Objectives and Assessment

The instructional objectives and assessment are interrelated within the scope of the educational process. The assessment allows estimating the development and achievements of the students in a particular subject. The evaluation of the motivation, knowledge, and development in the specific sphere is an inevitable step in forming any educational program. The assessment contributes to improving the efficiency of education based on people’s abilities. The instructional objectives cannot be practically valuable without the reflective evaluation (Manzo & Mitchell, 2018). From the researcher’s perspective, the educational process includes three significant aspects which are aligned and interrelated: objectives, activities, and assessment (Kurt, 2020). The program’s objectives achievement can only be estimated through the assessment. A reflective approach allows for improvement of the learning and instructional objectives based on the achieved by the student results (DeVaughn, 2022). Therefore, the assessment is an essential element in forming the instructional objectives.

The practical subject’s example can examine the correlation between the instructional purposes and assessment. During the course of psychology, the assessment techniques can be chosen simultaneously with designing the primary aims and instructions of the program. By doing so, the instructor will achieve the highest level of reflection, which will improve the program, making it more efficient. The assessment shows how and to what extent the instructions were followed (Manzo & Mitchell, 2018). In a subject as psychology studying which requires a high level of personal integration of students, assessment has a crucial role. In such courses, the instructions can be changed based on the results of the assessment. Therefore, the two discussed notions are interrelated, ensuring the general improvements of the educational quality through rational management of the learning objectives and reflection.


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