Interactive Teaching in the Primary School

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Speech Class

To begin with, it should be stated that speech classes will be important for voice training among children, thus, they will become even more self-confident in their conversations. The classes should incorporate the composition of stories, fairy tales, and dialogues, and their further performance in monologue or dialogue form.

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Reading books from the enlisted resources, children will be able to perform discussions on the matters of their favorite moments or characters. Discussing these points, children will have an opportunity to study how to formulate their point of view, how to defend and prove their vision of any problem, and surely they will extend their active vocabulary. In the light of this fact, it should be stated that the speech classes project should encourage children to talk and dispute as much as possible, otherwise they will lose any interest in this activity.

Drama Class

Originally, drama classes may be joined with the speech classes, as children will have to train their voices for the stage performances. On the other hand, the necessity to act roles will cultivate the esthetic sense of good performance and the esthetic taste in general. Children may start from some simple plays and perform them for the restricted audience of their classmates. Later, when they stop being afraid of the stage and audience, these performances may be used for arranging school celebrations. As for the plays, these may be either fairy tales, adapted for stage performance, some scenes of Shakespeare’s plays, or the plays, which are fully suitable for school performances.

Like speech classes, drama will help children become more self-confident and they will stop being afraid of audiences. Like in speech classes, children should be encouraged to provide their initiative for the performances and arrangement of the plays.

Piano Class

The fact is that this class is the least useful, as some children might wish to play other instruments like guitar, harmonica, violin, etc. Nevertheless, if the intention is strong, a qualified music teacher should be found, who will be able not only to teach children playing it but also who will get them interested and encouraged in playing the piano. Taking into consideration the necessity of proper teaching of musical theory, it should be stated that this class would require the research of the teaching experience by music schools or kindergartens where music is taught. Moreover, it will be necessary to bear in mind that not all children will perceive musical information easily.

Vocal Class

Vocal classes may be arranged as the continuation of the piano classes, where children may study singing and continue to train their voices for speeches, discussions, and stage performances. The fact is that the resources on vocal teachings are rather restricted, consequently, the best sources will be the experience and methodology by other schools, who also incorporate vocal classes in their curriculum.

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Finally, it should be emphasized that vocal classes are not suitable for all the children as piano classes, nevertheless, teachers should pay attention to overcoming the shyness of the children to sing.


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