Learning English Composition

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The Most Important Things I have learned about English composition

Writing is a powerful tool of communication. People write for different reasons. People write to communicate to others, learn new things about themselves or the world and support their opinion. This composition aims at illustrating my experiences in composition writing. Having gone through an English writing class, I have come to learn several things. I have come to realize that the writing process is epistemological. Writing enables people to express their views, offers a means for reflection and communication. Writing is a means of coming to know both the reader and writer. I’ve realized that writing is like crafting.

Closser suggests that crafting involves prewriting, drafting, revision, and editing. For a writer to compose an eye-catching composition, he or she needs to do a lot of practice. One has to implement strategies that will ignite his or her writing capabilities. I have been able to appreciate the needs of different audiences. Thus, I can organize my composition in a manner that focuses on a particular audience. I have also been able to comprehend when and how to use voice. I’ve also realized that composition writing fosters learning and discovery. Composition writing has empowered me with strong analytical skills.

I am in a position to scrutinize essays and offer editorial guidance to my peers. This subject has also broadened my creative potential. Normally, when given a writing task, a writer has to brainstorm on what he or she is going to write about. This provokes the mind to come up with answers that address the task at hand. I have been able to broaden my problem tackling skills. In addition, composition writing has enhanced my organizational skills. I can be able to organize my curriculum vitae in a presentable manner. I have also found composition writing resourceful in my other subjects especially when writing research papers.

A reflection of my experience in English composition

Composition writing has empowered me with exceptional communication skills. I can express myself freely through writing. Besides having improved my organizational skills, composition writing has also given me the confidence to tackle new writing tasks. Composition writing has ignited my craftiness; a feature that has enabled me to write coherently and logically. To craft a composition, a writer needs to have a serene mind. This enables the writer to organize his or her ideas logically. On the other hand, I have learned to proofread my composition. I have realized that my grammatical mistakes have been declining steadily.

When writing a composition I always begin by drafting a plan. I usually organize my points the way they are supposed to flow in the composition to have a clear sequence of ideas. After that, I normally embark on the actual writing process to come up with a draft. Once I’m through with the draft, the step that follows next involves revision. I normally countercheck to see whether all points have been included according to the earlier plan. Thereafter, I normally scrutinize the paper to check for grammatical and spelling mistakes. I usually finalize by proofreading at least twice before submitting my composition as complete.

However, I’m still encountering difficulties when writing under limited time. I require sufficient time to brainstorm on the topic to be discussed to synthesize logical ideas to be used in the composition. I need to train myself to enhance my writing speed. I do work well when given time to research the topic. My overall writing performance has increased steadily. I can confidently state that I am in a position to compose compositions meant for any given audience. To improve composition writing skills, one should let others scrutinize his or her essay. Thus, other writers are in a position to positively criticize your composition.

Eventually, a writer can gain confidence in sharing his or her ideas with others. Accepting positive critics from others helps in building the writers’ confidence. Writers can learn from their peers. In addition, it is paramount for a writer to read other writers’ compositions and compare them with his or her own. In doing so, the writer also learns from others. The writer can assess his or her level of writing. This approach should not influence someone to plagiarize another writer’s ideas. It should solely aim at comparing one another’s writing skills (Sung 2).

As a writer, composition writing has equipped me with various skills that I did not have before. Initially, whenever I was given a writing task, I found it difficult to attempt the task at hand. Currently, I have gained enough confidence in writing compositions. I am in a position to plan my work accordingly. I have appreciated the importance of brainstorming on the topic before commencing on the actual writing. I have been able to develop the habit of comparing and contrasting my composition with those of my peers. I also use this approach when doing the actual writing to compare and contrast the ideas in my composition. On the other hand, composition writing has profoundly influenced my growth as a student. It has enhanced my organizational, analytical, and presentation skills. That is why Ohm indicates that “writing is a means of coming to know of both the reader and writer” (3), and that writing requires continuous practice.

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