Professional Development for Staff in Zayed University


Initiation of staff development in Zayed University must begin with gathering the necessary information for establishing evidence-based and proper methods of training applicable exclusively for the staff working at the University. Such information needs to include strategic objectives, essential data on employees such as their skill and knowledge level, etc. The responsible party for gathering and analysis of the information must be Human Capital Department (hereinafter referred to as HC)

Based on the gathered information on employees and their needs, HC must establish a plan for training and development that features the essential details for the programs, schedules, and previously approved measures. Such a plan must be developed on an annual basis. Periodic evaluation and adjustments are required and must be held by the forces of HC.

Department of Human Resources (hereinafter referred to as HR) in cooperation with HC must develop a budget that includes the detailed costs, and spendings Zayed University is willing to bear in relation to training and development of its staff. The aforementioned budget must be approved by the Provost. The budget is created annually and reviewed. Should any amendments be proposed, the budget must be reassessed by the joint forces of HC and HR and reapproved by Provost.

In the framework of annual professional development, plan individual development plans for employees must be worked out. Such plans are created in accordance with the drawn policy, and budget. The data gathered and included in the annual professional development plan including the needs for development must also become the basis for the elaboration of the personal (individual) plan. A review conducted by an employee in question is in order. The individual plan must include the measures for evaluation and assessment for determining its effectiveness. HC is held responsible for devising individual plans.

Based on personal development plans, the HC department must determine the training priorities for each staff member. As a result, an appropriate training course must be selected and recorded in a personal development plan with a budget update provided and necessary forms filled out by the employee and HC manager.

After a selection of the course, its date must be produced and approved by the HC and HR department heads. A written notice must be delivered to a party responsible for conducting training no later than a week before the course commencement. Upon cancellation, the issuer of the cancellation note must notify HC and HR, providing the reason for cancellation.

Training service providers must be supplied with an adequate evaluation tool devised by HC in collaboration with HR. The form must be adjusted for each particular form of training or development course by the HC department.

After annual training and development have been held with all selected employees having participated in training courses, a total cost of all manipulations related to organization and implementation of the training and development initiatives must be calculated. The results of the calculation must be recorded in an annual staff training and development report. HC department bears the responsibility of such calculations and devising of the report.

HC must develop, approve, and conduct an annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the training and development program based on the following criteria:

  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Staff performance;
  • Quality of service;
  • Self-reported knowledge increase;
  • Self-reported skill increase;
  • Cost-benefit ratio.

Any other criteria must be discussed within the HC department and approved by the HC manager. The report must be submitted to Provost no later than two months since the date of the ending of the last training course.

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