Program and Career Exploration

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My selected program is a Bachelor’s degree in homeland security. The courses offered in homeland security include risk management, border security, criminal infrastructure protection, interagency and intergovernmental relations, security management, intelligence, and national security. I am excited about taking national security and Intelligence courses. Careers in national security and Intelligence are attainable and have many advantages associated with them. They have an advantage of job security since their existence is based on the decision made by the public and authorities. This means that the jobs will always be there as long as the law is in place. Qualifying for this federal job also means qualifying for other jobs as long as there is a security clearance. A career with national security also brings satisfaction since it involves serving the needs of the country. Advancement in a career means developing your experience, which makes a job in Intelligence more satisfying. These jobs also provide retirement and other benefits.

I am afraid of taking courses in border security and risk management. This is because border security jobs are dangerous, especially during nights when illegal entrants can kill patrol agents. Getting hired in border agent jobs is hard, as the requirements for one to meet before they get hired are tedious. Careers in Risk management are fearful to me because before one gets hired, extra documentation may be required. Some organizations do not accept only one college degree, but they need further qualifications. Risk managers always need to enhance their skills from time to time. Getting involved in risk management does not produce any tangible value since all one is involved in is analyzing how their companies are exposed to risks. Risk management jobs may also become boring when engaged for a long time. As for overcoming my apprehension, I have acquired some books and other materials that help address the issue. I will also receive support from professionals, mentors, and a career coaches. Getting myself prepared by researching the course can also be helpful. I will learn to accept and embrace uncertainty for me to overcome my fear. I have made use of the Q and A sections from the college website to seek assistance.

The homeland security course has concentrations and I settled on national security because it has much to do with serving the nation with my all-time passion. After exploring CareerOneStop, I got to have a clear understanding of the jobs that match my interests, and I was amazed to find many jobs in my proposed career line (Williams, 2020). After carefully assessing the job descriptions, I am perfectly convinced that they fit my job preferences and have made me learn the hidden potentials within me. The results from the assessment accurately reflect my job preferences, what I exactly want to do in life. Something new I learned about myself is that I am more concerned about pursuing my passion and serving others.

After using the “What can I do with this major” tool, I got to find relevant information and suggestions about my major. The displayed suggestions have helped make me precisely what I am supposed to do to secure a job that interests me. I have learned the various skills that I am supposed to have before I get hired. This information has further helped me know what resources to use to gain and perfect such skills. This program and career exploration have played a significant role in opening up my mind. I have understood that many skills are required of me before I finally achieve my career goals.


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