MyLabsPlus: The Online Teaching and Learning Program

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MyLabsPlus is a lively online teaching and learning program that has been created to help different people across the world. In fact, it has bridged the wide gap that does exist among countries across the world. Someone is capable of taking a career that is being provided by another country, for example, Africans are able to learn courses which can only be provided by the American University.

Initially, I never trusted the online teaching program; I felt it was one way by which someone could easily deceive the whole world in order to earn a living. I later learned that it is one of the best ways an individual especially students can be taught lessons without necessary attending classes (Mymathlab 48).

I anticipate using MyLabsPlus for a number of reasons in order to become successful in my class work. I will ensure I use this designed program to help me carry out my research activities, learning purposes and to have a total preparation of my exams after the course. It will also aid me in my general performance, for example, when you take lectures or the tutorials that it provides, one is capable of studying notes ahead of him. This provides a better way of obtaining the lesions before the lecture day. One can also use it in order to finish the course assignment (Aufmann 121).

Features most helpful in MyLabsPlus especially to the administrations include diagnostic placement. In this feature, students are capable of taking a placement exam that covers both the reading and writing skills. The exams being taken can be used by the departments within the university. In this given case, students are also capable of getting their results immediately thereby enhancing their desires to revise and improve in their class work. Advanced reporting also allows the lecturers to review the strength and weakness of the students in various courses being taken in the college (Mymathlab 48). Proactive planning and support being provided by MyLabsPlus helps many departments on how to use it. Another feature that is very essential is the purchase options. Students can either buy kits which they are required in order to have an access to MyLabsPlus, or Pearson can carry out the billing to a particular institution on its behalf (Aufmann 121).

Depending on my course, accounting, I prefer taking at least eight hours to attend and obtain the necessary tutorials regarding my career objective. I deserve not to dilly dally in order to achieve the necessary goals. If this has been done, I will be able to be relevant to the exams that will be set by the lecturer.

Accounting equation is the basis of entry to bookkeeping. The accounting equation shows that all the business resources are funded by scrounging or giving using the money of the shareholders. Consequently, accounting equates assets equivalent to liabilities in summation of the shareholder equity, in short, it is Assets=Liabilities + shareholder equity. One can use a balance sheet to display and explain this equation (Aufmann 121).

If one knows all the required amounts for the whole of the equation in exclusion of one part, he or she may use the equation to calculate it easily. One is able to calculate assets if it is not provided in the statement. You may obtain shareholder equity if you have the assets and the liabilities. So, in summation, this is an essential equation in accounting (Basic Mathematics & Algebra 112).

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