Reflecting on Feedback from audiences

Reflecting on feedback from professors, peers, and other audiences is essential for any student to become more sophisticated and confident with writing and editing. I strive to analyze all comments and assessments that I receive, as I comprehend the value and significance of constructive criticism. I particularly appreciate the time and effort teachers put in while formulating detailed comments, which enable me to examine my work, learn from mistakes, and subsequently develop as a writer. Overall, I was able to master my writing skills the most from feedback, grades, and personal experiences.

Grades are one of the crucial assessments a student can get while building proper writing abilities. I usually receive bad grades for my papers for various reasons, including improper grammar. I understand that learning more about formatting styles and proofreading my content to spot grammatical errors can significantly improve my final work. I do not feel antagonistic or enraged after receiving a bad grade, as I take full accountability and aspire to improve my abilities and grow as a writer. Thus, the most suitable way to learn from bad grades is to fully comprehend the reasons behind them. The appropriate attitude towards receiving an evaluation of my writing allows me not to repeat similar mistakes in the future.

Another essential element of feedback that I tend to get quite frequently is a lack of understanding of assignment instructions. The professor or peer would suggest that my work does not address the task’s specific criteria, leading to incomplete work. I learned that reading the assignment description multiple times and asking appropriate questions in the case of misunderstanding can significantly improve my writing. Therefore, addressing potential misconceptions has a notable impact on a final product, as it becomes more coherent and complete.

Lastly, reflecting on my personal writing experience enabled me to develop more as a writer. I have learned to improve continuously by identifying the patterns that allowed me to succeed in the past. For example, brainstorming ideas in a free form allowed me to let go of a writing block. Thus, I attempt to implement the same technique while writing each time I get an assignment that appears to be especially complicated.

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