Research Process and Analysis

Generating ideas, planning, and writing assignments are essential competencies that are necessary to study to achieve a high level of written and communication skills. They are extremely useful since they allow the author to learn to formulate thoughts clearly and competently, structure information, use analysis, and argue their conclusions. Creating a quality assignment requires much training, in this paper, however, two main lessons will be highlighted – research process and analysis.

The research process is the search for reliable information to understand the essence of the studied phenomenon. It favors the development of critical thinking when searching for information, as well as analytical skills, while its interpretation. During the research process, the authors apply and develop scientific methods of cognition, demonstrate in-depth and creative mastery of educational material. To determine the reliability and value of the source, one needs to check the publisher, author, and whether it answers the questions necessary for research. In a successful synthesize, notes will be useful for comparing with other sources and making personal observations. This process teaches methodologies and contributes to the ability to solve scientific problems independently. Also, the accuracy of the research results depends on the process of information retrieval, affecting the effectiveness of the person and the reliability of his or her work.

The analysis is a method of scientific research that allows authors to look at the studied problem from several points of view and evaluate its different sides. It helps to find links between various phenomena, identify causal relationships, and summarize specific outcomes (Why It Matters: Analysis 2-3). The method of analysis is used in all areas of human life and will be an essential skill throughout a career path. To analyze content efficiently, it is essential to use multiple techniques, such as comparing and searching for links to similar phenomena, splitting them into components, and others. In the modern world, a person is surrounded by flows of information, and the ability to analyze and evaluate its importance helps to focus on the necessary and saves time.

Thus, all the skills necessary for writing essays and performing other types of assignments are closely related. Their combined usage positively impacts the results of scientific activities. However, some skills will be useful not only for future assignments but also for professional activities. For this reason, such lessons as analysis and research process have been highlighted here. They also help develop other cognitive skills – critical thinking, and reflection among others.

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