Researching of Parenting Styles

The article under review is devoted to such an important topic as the style of parenting. Bernstein (2013) explores the connection between parenting and teaching in relation to the classroom outcome. The author states that there is a heated debate surrounding the perceived increase in misbehaving, dishonest, and entitled students in recent years. At the same time, Bernstein (2013) acknowledges the problems caused by such students while stating that the degree of influence depends on the professor. In this regard, Bernstein (2013) compares the classroom environment to parenting behavior. The nature and the design of the article are based on strong similarities between the two settings.

In order to build stronger associations, the author relies on previous research on the behavioral patterns of parents. Next, Bernstein (2013) provides definitions and descriptions of various parenting styles, which are well-established in psychology. The author relies on the qualitative approach, utilizing literary findings in a new context. Subsequently, each parenting style is compared to the classroom environment, as parent-child relations are translated into the teacher-student paradigm. By the end of the article, the author devises a list of eight topical research questions, which can serve as the foundation for future studies in this direction.

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