Researching of the Type of Writer

My Type of Writer

Activities such as writing books, stories and articles are multifaceted and ambiguous. It is a sphere associated with art, characterized by different approaches to the same things. Therefore, many types and kinds of writers are divided by genre, text structure, and writing methods. I became interested in figuring out what type of writer I belong to. I can analyze it using the example of my text, parsing it according to the characteristics that allow me to conclude about my type.

First of all, it is necessary to become familiar with the text:

The Best Mushroom

The mushrooms once gathered for a “summer rain” party. Suddenly, amid all this fun, the fly agaric mushroom began to claim that he was the best of mushrooms. He began to say:

– I’m so beautiful; I have a red hat with white polka dots! That’s why I am the best mushroom!

– No – said the chanterelle – I am the best because I have a notch on my hat and I have a red dress!

Then another mushroom entered the dispute and started showing off its white shirt and lace skirt.

Old Mushroom came out, tapped his staff, and immediately everyone got quiet and listened attentively. He began to speak:

– The best mushroom is not the one that is the most beautiful but the one that benefits others. If suddenly one of the people eats a fly agaric, or even worse, pale toadstool, then such a person must be saved immediately! But if a mushroom man gets a poisonous mushroom in the basket, he will please the whole family and a tasty mushroom soup, mushroom sauce, and many other dishes. It will feed, give strength, and health. So who is the best?

In terms of genre, the story is written in a fairytale manner. This style is characterized by an animation of inanimate objects or the humanization of animals (Es and Reijnders and Bolderman, 121). The target audience is children with a good imagination and a simple worldview. A key feature of fairy tales is that their meaning or message must be easy to understand because children are not characterized by detail analyzing of the text.

That is why I have resorted to interpreting the moral of the tale through dialogue so that the main character can say the meaning of the writing. It is possible to conclude that I consider myself a fairy tale writer and the target audience of my works is young children. By analyzing the structure of the text, I can be referred to as a prose writer. This is explained by the fact that to write a text in verse form, one has to choose the words so that rhyme, construction, and syllabic-tonic dimensions are respected (Es and Reijnders and Bolderman, 121). The fairy tale is not so essential to build a clear structure and the use of pronounced words because the main idea can be wrongly conveyed.

To sum up the above, many types of writers differ according to a couple of criteria. Writers have their target audience, as well as the goal that they have set for their work. I define my goal as forming norms of morality in the children’s generation and teaching basic concepts to the world around us. The interaction of the children’s imagination is a fundamental resource for writing texts and creating characters. That is why I would describe myself as a prose storyteller.


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