School Counselors and Their Roles

In my understanding, the profession of a school counselor is first and foremost the profession of a guide – of someone who leads the way by establishing a particular culture at school. That puts a great responsibility on the counselors’ shoulders: programs they create – be it individual planning or group counseling lessons – set the direction in which students will move. In other words, students’ success largely depends on the counselor’s competence as well as on their values and beliefs. Therefore, it is essential for a professional to have their own strong counseling philosophy, meaningful and appropriate – it will dictate the counselor’s actions and provide the answers when difficulties arise.

First of all, I believe that a true professional always evolves and strives to be better. American School Counselor Association (2019) states that it is essential for a school counselor to constantly evaluate their own behaviors and mindsets. I find this idea reasonable as a specialist responsible not only for academic strategies but also for facilitating interpersonal communication cannot afford to act inappropriately. Secondly, a counselor must be aware of all the issues and policies of the educational system, as well as current trends in education. In the ever-changing world, where research constantly discovers something new about learning and technologies move the process forward, not following these tendencies means being incompetent. Finally, a school counselor has to have an understanding of the influence of cultural and social differences on students, their opportunities and success. In addition, basic understanding and respect of customs, traditions, and values of students with different backgrounds are to be demonstrated. I believe that it is a counselor’s job to emphasize that our differences are something we all must embrace and celebrate – it certainly contributes to a more accepting environment.


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