School Principals as Agents of Change

The role of the school principal is key for education to go from assembly-line efficiency to learner-centered agency, as he or she acts as an agent of change. The school principal established the conditions for transformational practice and change (Annese, 1971). The induction process of the new teachers or workers within the educational environment requires the principal’s attention for a smooth transition (Annese, 1971). The principal may design the induction strategies for swift induction based on two core approaches that involve an induction checklist and social interaction.

The induction checklist could be given to the new worker for self-paced involvement with the eternal mechanics of the facility. The checklist may contain various essential briefing needs and tools of the employee, including the following. The new employee should be introduced to the new colleagues and staff members and briefed about the school’s structure, vision, values and culture (Induction Program, 2022). A handbook could be delivered to provide essential information on the code of conduct and organizational culture. It is also necessary to provide detailed information on the new staff member’s key responsibilities, job schedule, and employment contract. The information about the Workplace Health and Safety, which may include the layout of premises with fire exits, first aid facilities, and emergency policies, should be handled. Tools of the trade (such as ID cards and keys) along with an overview of impending crucial dates and events should be given to the employee (Induction Program, 2022). The checklist does not need to be long but should contain the aforementioned details.

Another essential part of the induction strategy should be early social interaction with other employees. It is critical to expose new employee to their new workplace and coworkers as soon as possible. An introductory lecture, together with general information and the exchange of essential documentation, will be appropriate at this time (Induction Program, 2022). The employee is unlikely to be receptive to extensive information at the beginning so this conversation should be brief. It is necessary to devote a certain time slot for this procedure (Induction Program, 2022). Colleagues should be informed about the new employee’s arrival, and if possible, one department member should be designated to ensure that the new employee receives all necessary aid in settling in fast.


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