The Importance of Mock Trials


Mock trials are used to equip students with adequate information on how the legal system works and also advance their thinking ability. Lawyers employ mock trials to cross-examine their thoughts before a court proceeding. By definition, a mock trial is an act of imitating a court proceeding; however, its scope is limited to subordinate courts.


The incident began with a report that gunshots and shrieks were heard coming from a certain neighborhood. Following this report, the police acted swiftly by employing both the general cops and the technical squad to handle the situation. On their arrival, they found three casualties lying in a pool of blood. Interestingly, they discovered that one victim was barely unconscious with a firearm in his hand. Following this development, all the victims were hospitalized for health checkups. Subsequently, the doctors pronounced the death of two victims; however, the third victim was stable, and only suffered minor injuries. Later the police apprehended the stable victim claiming that he is the probable person that committed the brutal act. Their insinuation was on grounds that, he was the only alive victim at the crime scene, and his fingerprints were all over the murder weapon.

Prosecutor: please state your and your occupation?

Officer: my name is John Thompson, and I’m an officer in the police department.

Prosecutor: Mr. Thompson, please tell this court, on 25 June 2010 at around 9 pm, where were you and what were you doing?

Officer: Sir, we received an anonymous call asserting that gunshots and screeches were heard coming from a certain locality. Immediately, my team and I were employed to handle the situation.

Prosecutor: so, what exactly was the situation on the ground?

Officer: Sir, we found three bodies lying in a pool of blood, but we discovered that one victim was unconscious, but with a pistol in his hand.

Prosecutor: as a cop, what was your next move?

Officer: I confiscated the weapon, and immediately involved the doctors to cross-examine the victims. Later as we continue with our investigation, the doctors pronounced the death of two victims, while the other one nursed minor injuries.

Prosecutor: then, what were the findings of your investigation?

Officer: in our fingerprint test, we noticed that the fingerprints on the murder weapon were similar to the ones of the unhurt victim.

Prosecutor: no further question your honor.

Defense attorney: you previously stated that your response to the call was immediate, Wright?

Prosecutor: objection your honor! The attorney is asking irrelevant questions!

Judge: objection sustained.

Defense attorney: so, how long did it take you to reach the crime scene?

Officer: approximately one hour sir.

Defense attorney: do you have any witnesses that saw my client firing at the victims.

Officer: no sir.

Defense attorney: according to your investigations, how many people were at the crime scene when the crime was being committed?

Officer: we haven’t established that sir, but there is a possibility that some other people were present during the criminal act.

Defense attorney: how many?

Officer: Sir, we are soon establishing that.

Defense attorney: your honor, this is set up. My client is being framed for a murder that he didn’t commit. Your honor, the officers took one hour to arrive at the scene; enough time to frame my client. Investigations point out the involvement of other parties, and also no one saw my client firing at the victims. This is more than enough reason that my client is innocent. No further questions your honor.


Mock trials are essential since they help learners to understand how the legal system works, and also improve their legal and general thinking abilities. They also help professional attorneys to assess their arguments before subjecting them to practice.

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