Who Is an Educated Person?


What really comes into our minds when we see or hear the phrase “educated person”. Some of us think in terms of a holder of at least a bachelor’s degree, someone who can read and write evocative prose, well acquainted with information on politics and global issues or even one who reads all forms of literature.

When we take a look at our opinions of the expression of an educated person, we comprehend just how constricted and haughty our minds are on understanding the expression.

Who is an educated person?

For a person to be termed as educated in the world today he must have acquired the ability to read and question the writer’s arguments rationally. He must have basic writing skills and his work should be audible, succinct and with no grammatical mistakes (Mohanan).

A learned person should be in a position to do simple arithmetic. Lastly they should be critical thinkers who analyze what makes sense or doesn’t hence scrutinize what to add to their knowledge reservoir.

What it takes to be educated.

For a person to be considered educated he is required to undergo a learning process that enhances his/her mental capabilities to be effective in social and intellectual life. Education should nurture imagination and creativity in different fields of education (Mohanan)

Knowledge of an educated person

In the modern world a person is expected to have general knowledge on fundamental aspects like major parts of the body and there functions. Trained professionals should also have specialized knowledge on there fields. Educated people should also have knowledge on more complex issues like concepts in physical sciences like defining matter. They should have fundamental knowledge on the history of their country and a fundamental doctrine on physical sciences, like the earth is spherical and it rotates on its own axis (Mohanan).

The values of being educated

Education enables us to compute arithmetic’s quickly without using a calculator, read and understand concepts in books and news papers, have conflict solving skills in case of disagreements, make informed decision on the course of action to take in different situations and be able to weigh options on alternatives depending on the packages they offer. Graduates from college earn more than high school graduates. The difference comes from the level of their abilities as a result of education.

How to distinguish an educated person

A learned person usually possesses specialized skills in: Learning abilities that make him capable of learning independently which constitutes to adaptation to the changing environs by generating his own innovations or existing knowledge.

Language abilities that enable him use language in a clear and precise way. This is done through writing common academic prose.

Thinking abilities that enable one to make intelligent decisions, approximate, evaluate and make sound decisions.

Qualifications of project manager in information systems

An information system is very complex field that requires recruiting of personnel with specialized technical skills. This calls for a worker with an MBA in information systems, a minimum experience of 2 years in information technology, have a broad knowledge on new information technologies, be able to analyze the environment and have strong decision making skills, must have leadership abilities, basic project management skills, strong interpersonal skills, good communication skills, high regard to job ethics, be hardworking, highly reliable, self motivated, effective team player, quick to learn new skills, and a creative thinker who adopts fast to changing demands to achieve the set standards.


Education is important in the development of an individual and the state as well. Education comes with the above mentioned skills that when combined can be converted into positive energy, by coming up with new interventions in the academic and business world.

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