Application for Admission: Texas A&M University

Since childhood, sports have been part and parcel of my life. I have been zealously involved in sports not only as a fan, but I have also played several other roles, particularly in basketball. I have been the team sister, worked concessions, taken my brothers to train, and also spent my weekends in my favorite team’s colors, et cetera. All these have been for the love of sports. However, I have felt that this is not all I can do.

The desire to get involved in organizing and being the main person to be attributed for the good performance of the team has been burning in me like a fire. I have always desired to be the person who walks to the stands and who finds out that every ticket has been sold by the promotion campaign. To achieve this, I need technical knowledge and skills from a reputed sports and leadership institution. Accordingly, I have resorted to applying for the same at Texas A&M University. This is the most appropriate institution that would allow me to pursue my studies majoring in leadership and taking sports management and human resource as a minor.

I believe that any involvement in sports is an emotional affair. It is impossible for someone who hates sports to be a manager or even a coach. This gives me an advantage in this chosen career. In addition, I have also exhibited outstanding devotion to sports by ensuring that I attend every match during weekends, driving my brothers to the training ground, and donning my favorite team’s colors. The above characteristics show my passion and devotion for sports.

These are prerequisites for any person who desires to establish his career in sports management. This passion however must be crowned with skills and knowledge on the management of people, leadership skills to enable one to maintain the leadership position of the team without causing conflicts, and other management skills. Having the passion for sports in me, I believe that Texas A&M University will allow me to learn the required skills and knowledge which will complement with the passion and devotion to make me an exemplary manager and coach.

I have chosen Texas A&M University because of its outstanding reputation. It is the most appropriate university that can assist me to make my dreams come true. In addition, my lifelong goals could best be fit in Texas A&M University’s traditions, values, spirit, and curriculum. The 12th man tradition has been a great contributing factor in my inclination towards sports. With the curriculum of Texas A&M University, I believe that I will be able to gain the required expertise in the field of sports management.

Furthermore, the University will facilitate my participation in an internship with a prestigious company that will be the stepping stone from which I will be able to land my dream job in sports management. With the values being advocated at A&M University, I will be an example to my co-workers and the employers of what an honest and trustworthy employee is supposed to be like. In addition, the unbeatable spirit of Texas A&M remains the most appropriate vessel that would carry me towards my bright future within the closely knitted family referred to as the Aggie Network.

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