Lessons Learnt Throughout the Course

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This course has helped me acquire vital intellectual knowledge, which will be helpful for a successful career. I have gained crucial skills from interacting with the tutor and classmates during class sessions and practical lessons. Topics learned have also been useful in advancing both personal and professional attributes expected from a competent student (Khoiriyah and Husamah 153). Most importantly, I have gained essential skills and knowledge from this course ranging from collective participation and communication skills to conflict resolution and time management.

I have acquired essential teamwork skills during class discussions and practical sessions. Forming groups for completing a collective assignment requires tactical integration of diversity factors, including gender, race, and physical disabilities (Khoiriyah and Husamah 153). Additionally, participating in team assignments has enhanced time management and quality of output. I have ensured accurate and consistent delivery of projects guided by a specific timeline. Failure to adhere to schedules attract severe consequences among learners, as evidenced throughout the course. It has guaranteed objective interaction with classmates during learning sessions. Teachers and school staff members ensure teamwork attributes among learners in different contexts. Most importantly, I have attained tactical skills and knowledge entailing teamwork, conflict resolution, and leadership efficiency throughout the course.

I have also learned essential communication skills from this module. Students interact with each other and teachers frequently, as depicted in public, academic institutions. For instance, classmates play together during breaks to reduce monotony in reading and writing (Khoiriyah and Husamah 155). Learners make friendships at school, which is extended to homesteads, as evidenced in contemporary societies. This course, most notably, has improved both oral and written communication from different perspectives. Through a formal and objective writing tone, I will write official letters to partners and stakeholders. Learners, similarly, acquire turn-taking knowledge and skills when interacting with teachers (Khoiriyah and Husamah 156). I have encountered specific scenarios which require tactical sharing of messages. Furthermore, formal sharing of business documentation constitutes a vital commercial practice among traders. Advancing this skill has included active engagement and continuous interaction between teachers and learners.

Moreover, this course has also been useful in improving leadership skills among learners. Learning different subjects has exposed me to social instances requiring confidence in public speaking. Delivering information in this context is difficult among individuals with low self-esteem. However, obtained knowledge has helped ensure the accurate integration of leadership attributes in an academic context (Khoiriyah and Husamah 158). For example, through the collective efforts of teams guided by a leader, the delivery of assignments takes place promptly. Essentially, the intellectual knowledge will help ensure tactical allocation and mobilization of resources in the future. Finally, conflict resolution constitutes another important skill acquired throughout the course. It is common for classmates to disagree on social, political, and economic subjects. Uncontrolled anger results in physical altercations between individuals, requiring tactical solutions to ensure peace (Khoiriyah and Husamah 162). This course facilitates information entailing negotiation and interaction mechanisms intended to encourage dialogues between conflict parties.

In conclusion, this course has been useful in advancing both personal and career objectives. In essence, the knowledge has grown when solving personal conflicts with classmates. Stopping individuals from engaging in public disorder behavior is a practical approach to resolving disputes before authorities’ actual arrests. This course has been objective in facilitating liberal and modern ways of making peace between parties in conflict. Fundamentally, it has improved my skills in time management. Meeting schedules and adhering to agreement terms present vital knowledge for long-term sustainability activities on conflict resolution.

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