Online and On-Campus Learning Difference

Nowadays, when humanity has achieved a high level of technological development, online courses are becoming unprecedentedly popular. Each year a large number of students are enrolled in such programs, and universities all around the world create even more opportunities to get education remotely. This essay aims to compare online and on-campus courses and present advantages as well as disadvantages for each of the learning methods.

Remote training implies the lack of physical interaction between the teacher and the student most of the time. The lessons are conducted with the help of the internet and special programs, such as Skype or Zoom. This type of education has certain advantages but teachers, as well as students, may also face some difficulties with it. The most obvious benefit is that learners do not have to spend time commuting to the university if they do not live on campus. Moreover, online learning eases access to education for students with disabilities and those who live in distant areas (Holmes & Reid, 2017). As a result, more individuals obtain the possibility to become educated. Another advantage is that distance learning lowers costs to students and universities, which also contributes to its accessibility (Holmes & Reid, 2017). Moreover, it has been noted that remote learning increases one’s responsibility and consciousness. When there is no constant supervision from instructors, a person has no choice but to start treating the education process more seriously; otherwise, it might lead to unwelcome consequences.

In light of recent events with the Coronavirus pandemic, this type of education has proved to be a good alternative for a traditional learning process. Hence, in some cases, online courses are the only possible way to continue studying. It should be noted that one of the positive effects of the lockdown is the development of teleconferencing. Such video conferencing apps as Zoom, Google Meet, and GoToMeeting have gained even more popularity as teaching institutions around the world have shifted to online education.

On the other hand, some researchers argue that the traditional teaching method cannot be substituted. On-campus training allows students and teachers to have physical interaction, which plays an essential role in the learning process. In this respect, online platforms fail to provide this opportunity. Distance education may provoke procrastination among learners because not all of them can manage their time and learning process. Another argument in favor of on-campus training is that some students might retain the skills and knowledge gained through this type of education easier and for a longer period. The reason for it may lie in the fact that people still need personal contact with the teacher, and physical interaction promotes better assimilation of the study materials.

All in all, both online and offline education have advantages and disadvantages. Distance courses attract one with flexibility, location, accessibility, and lower cost. However, this style of learning has limitations, and some people prefer on-campus training. They find the traditional teaching method more effective as it offers student-teacher physical interaction. Offline courses may contribute to a better understanding of the subject. Moreover, not all individuals have the willpower to study at home, set the schedule, and follow it. In such cases, online training can reduce learners’ productivity and negatively influence their performance. Thus, in the modern world, each person should choose the most convenient way to study.


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