Relationship With Writing Analysis

My relationship with writing is something that I have rarely considered because of focusing on the process itself rather than reflecting on it. Having taken a creative writing class, I have learned that too much introspection could halter the freedom and the effortless flow of words that can take one in unexpected directions. It is precisely the assignments that encouraged taking sudden turns in writing that I had immensely enjoyed because they had never imposed any limitations on topics, style, format, vocabulary use, and any other restrictions. I would begin exploring one theme and spiral to another one, and another one, and another one. In contrast, the assignments that included instructions on the subject matter, as well as particular expectations regarding style, had posed most of the challenges. Thus, artistic freedom is what I have enjoyed the most in writing.

As a writer, I feel like I am still finding my approach and style, and this search may never end. To quote Jimmy Buffett, “searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party,” I consider “searching” and embracing the process as one of my main strengths as a writer (“Jimmy Buffett Quotes”). I find it exciting that there is no correct answer in writing, nor is there a solution to a problem. However, I would like to work more on practicing writing as I have found that a spark is lost after long periods without it.

In my future career, both communication and writing are expected to play highly essential roles, starting from the very beginning – completing a job interview successfully. It is essential that I am capable of articulating what I know and what I can do, whether in written or spoken form. Good communication and writing skills are also important to help me be well-understood among other people and engage in teamwork. Having excellent writing capabilities is likely to help me become an indispensable team member, regardless of the profession and field of expertise. While machine learning has been advancing to help people reach high standards of grammatically correct writing, it is such qualities as strategy, creativity, imagination, and vision that make a person stand out (Solomon, 2018). Another essential aspect of good communication skills is the ability to listen to what other people think or want to achieve. From clients to supervisors, a good communicator is capable of meeting the needs of both.


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