Walden Community History and Nowadays

Walden community has a long history of being a change-maker in the educational and social landscapes of the country, as well as the world. This proactive and innovation-centered approach has made me eager to become a member of the Walden community. I cannot say I wished to become a Walden student for my entire life, but I knew I wanted to continue my academic growth as far back as my middle-school years. There hardly was an exact moment for such a decision as my family has a deep understanding of the value and relevance of higher education, although not all of my immediate family members have degrees. I am a life-long learner who is keen on gaining more knowledge and skills, and higher education is a logical path for me.

Today, I am proud to be a Walden student committed to reaching the highest academic results. I am not concerned about grades and scores (although I find them important as well). However, I am willing and determined to study hard, take up a considerable (but reasonable) number of courses to balance my academic and professional life, and develop effective relationships with the faculty and my peers. It may seem difficult to remain fully human in the digital setting of the Walden community. Nevertheless, I believe being a part of the digital world brings me closer to my physical environment as I attain knowledge that helps me understand more about this world and society. I develop social ties with people across the globe, which broaden my horizons and equip me with the tools necessary for a modern individual.

I believe I am ready to embark on the journey as I have established clear goals and know the exact ways to achieve them. I have certain computer skills, but, what is more relevant, I have acknowledged how technology frames our reality. The discussion of the topic was an eye-opening experience for me. I employ the method described by Li (2019), who stresses that people are allergic to ideas and concepts, which are specifically visible online. Sometimes I am still prone to paying too much attention to unnecessary and even harmful discussions and ideas, but I am conscious of the matter and try to remain alert. I believe I am successful in that endeavor because, as mentioned above, I am open to new ideas, as well as respectful of existing ones.

Now, weeks after the start of the course, I feel I am capable of managing my learning process effectively. I have developed proper relationships with my peers, and I am an active participant in discussions and diverse types of projects. I do not have specific questions regarding my academic present or future, although I know I can get answers if needed. I can address instructors and peers who will help me. Likewise, I have helped many students to navigate their digital academic life. I am good at time management and prioritizing, so I have filled in the technical gaps I had at the beginning. I have increased my typing speed considerably, but, of course, I am still working on that matter.

As far as my joining the Walden community is concerned, I am committed to becoming more active. I have completed the quiz, and, quite expectedly, learned that I am an active change-maker (Walden University, n.d.). I have contributed considerably to the development of my community by volunteering. I am now working on a project of helping the youth to utilize technology more effectively. Similar to Alexie (n.d.) I believe that inspiring and educating younger generations is one of the major purposes of any person’s life. The most valuable resources for me (aside from teaching materials and discussions) are quizzes and the university’s YouTube channel. The former has helped me understand myself better, while YouTube helps me feel a part of the community with a focus on themes and topics I found most relevant.

Regarding the significant object, it is The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Bruegel (1562). The painter’s artwork speaks to my heart and reflects my own path in a certain way. The painting is a reminder to follow the right direction and never yield to temptations that might arise. This significant object makes me want to help others remain cautious and avoid mistakes that can ruin their lives. Clearly, education is one of the ways to attain this goal since people access more opportunities when they study and receive higher education. They accumulate knowledge, obtain skills to solve existing problems and develop social links that help them build a community of knowledgeable and committed folks. I often think about the work of art and use it as an illustration of the horror of those who receive what they deserve. Thus, the painting communicates my life perspective as I try to make us all righteous people committed to growth rather than destruction.

In conclusion, I would like to note that my Walden life completes me even if it may seem something unreal to others. The digital community of the university helps me enrich my knowledge and become clear with my goals and intentions. Each day, I watch videos and read things that make me think about my place in this world. These readings and videos also help me understand what I can and will do. I am at the beginning of my academic path, but I feel I will achieve the goals I set and establish new goals to be reached.


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