The Useful Lessons on Academic Writing: Video Review

The two videos uploaded by Isaac educate the proper construction of the text by using sources and arranging words in sentences. The narrator warns the audience about common mistakes like low-quality analysis of the sources and improper placement of commas in sentences with and without conjunctions. Generally, the professional combination of given information and tips will aid in providing persuasive writing.

Integrated Sources video starts with the introduction of the reason to use sources in the literature. The narrator talks about the difference between primary and secondary sources. She also tells the audience the cases in which people can use references. The tips she mentions are especially helpful in the integration of sources in the text. For instance, she advises to always cite the sources and stick to the requested formatting style guidelines (Isaac, 2020b). Besides, the narrator emphasizes the role of determining the particular source’s purpose in work. According to her, each reference should be chosen with the utmost care (Isaac, 2020b). It was valuable to know the writer of an article uses sources to support his claim and provide evidence to his argument. An exciting novelty was that the article writer uses sources that oppose his view to strengthening his statement later. Otherwise, the text has a risk of being perceived as biased and untrustworthy.

Furthermore, the video on sources teaches how to use methods like paraphrasing and summarizing. It was practical to learn that summarizing needs only the critical fragments from the paper the writer uses. Besides, different signal phrases are favorable when paraphrasing and quoting the source. It is better to paraphrase the work rather than putting the direct quote. However, the latter is essential in delivering the exact expression in the original. The SEQUOIA method to integrate a quote is effective in analyzing the source. According to it, the student should not just quote the author’s words but give the proper interpretation of the quoted passage (Isaac, 2020b). Hence, I need to pay more attention to the analysis of the primary source. It is persuasive to introduce the source after writing a topic sentence.

The narrator of the video Sentence Structure explains the independent and dependent clauses. It was useful to recollect the members of a sentence and syntax, which identifies the arrangement of words in a sentence. A compound-complex sentence is effective in conveying the information to full content. Speaking for myself, it is difficult for me to use this type of sentence correctly when writing the text. Thus, working on compound-complex sentences will help enhance my writing skills. The guide on punctuation is the most useful in writing grammatically correct content. For example, the narrator says that the difference between a comma splice and a fused sentence is that the first one does not contain any conjunctions between independent sentences (Isaac, 2020a). It was surprising to know that it is unacceptable to leave a sentence as a fragment without completing the idea.

In conclusion, the given video lectures are practical in writing properly formatted academic text. Integrated Sources teaches the ways of incorporating sources and why they are essential. The techniques, such as using a contradictory source to prove the writer’s argument, were convenient to learn. Another video looks at the sentence composition in detail and demonstrates various methods to construct a sentence. The sentence rules help avoid grammar mistakes and improve the clarity of the writing. Properly structuring compound-complex sentences is challenging, and I will need to work on them.


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