Strengths and Weaknesses of Digital Resource (Quizstar)

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Strengths of Digital Resource (Quizstar)

The digital resource has many merits that make it valuable and effective in the learning process. Due to its fine presentation, it can be used to administer the evaluation or quiz. This would be of great help to many instructors. The digital resource is flexible so that it can effectively handle different situations. For example, with the simple redesign, it can be used as a revision tool. The cost of any investment is a very important consideration in any project that one undertakes. Currently the digital resource is very cost-effective and is offered free of charge. Despite it being available at no fee, its quality is not compromised.

The interactive online quiz offers a re-energizing approach to class activity undertaken by students in their learning process. In addition, the quiz repository is kept intact on the hosting server for at least six months, which is adequate time for revision and editing based on curriculum change.

The students’ details are very important in tracking their progress and thus have to be well documented. This has been taken into consideration in the design of various parts of the digital resource. QuizStar offers a reporting tool that is capable of distinctly documenting every student’s result as well as awarded marks for every quiz undertaken. The private or public student feature enables the instructor to appropriately manage the responses, results as well as assign the quizzes to the target student group.

Weaknesses of Digital Resource (QuizStar)

Despite the strengths reaped by the use of Digital resources, some demerits have been observed. Quizstar is purely a quiz generating tool and therefore only suited for the student’s evaluation. As a result, it fails to address the various activities a student is involved. The student registration for the quizzes and classes may be long and confusing. This can reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the students’ in filling in their data, which may hinder achieving the set goals and objectives. The digital resource has an aborted sign to address misplaced or forgotten passwords, which seems demanding to some students. Due to all information on various classes being available at one point, the student can find difficulty in navigating through it. Due to the lack of an already existing power backup, computer communication breakdowns or power interruptions may hinder the effective use of this resource. Furthermore, QuizStar does not grade short answer questions and excludes them from reported results.


All the stakeholders in the students’ welfare must be able to assess and recommend the use of the digital resource for its successful uptake. It is recommended that the resource captures and maintains the student’s attention for the duration of its use (Knowledge Share LLC, 1996). The parents, instructors, and students must be keen to indicate how suitable the issue of longevity has been covered using this digital resource (Schrock, 2011). The instructors must be able to evaluate how the resource can be suitably used to aid in the delivery of the lesson (s). In correcting the weaknesses of the system, the system presentation should be polished to reduce confusion (ALTEC, 2008).


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