Training Needs Analysis for High School Teachers

The necessity of Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

In a school environment, teachers are the main contributor to services. The school community is comprised of the administration, teachers, students, supporting staff, and parents. To ensure an effective teaching and learning activity, the teachers must be well equipped and ready for the duty. The academic success and achievement of students are primarily affected by the contribution of teachers. Teachers must then possess the best skills and knowledge to assist students academically and socially. A training analysis is hence important to ensure the achievement of this objective.

Objectives Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

  1. Establish the possessed knowledge and skills of a teacher or trainer (trainer/teacher level)
  2. Identify the existing practice and culture that are attributes to success factors (organizational level)
  3. Establish gaps in the teaching profession in skills and knowledge (organizational and trainer/ teacher level).
  4. Recommend the identified areas of training.

Research Method

To conduct the training needs analysis, we shall use a survey research method by providing participants with questionnaires and conducting personal interviews. In addition, we shall analyze the job description and sample some of their work.

Expected Organization Performance (EOP)

According to the acceptable standards of the teaching profession, a teacher is expected to help students learn and have high expectations of all students. This is measured by a test that is based on growth or alternative measures or the value-added on a student. A teacher is expected to contribute positively in terms of academics, social and attitude to students through regular class attendance, promotion of a student to the next grade, cooperative behavior, graduation, self-efficiency, and graduation. In addition, a teacher should engage different resources to structure and plan engaging learning interactions. A teacher must contribute positively to the establishment of classroom and school civic culture and value diversity. Most importantly, a teacher in collaboration with other school stakeholders such as parents, administration, and other teachers should ensure students’ success.

Actual Organization Performance

The research results reveal that teachers have a good class attendance rate and thus have maximum time to help students academically and socially. There is the timely promotion of students to the next grade and graduation. Teachers were seen identifying diverse teaching and learning opportunities using different materials.

Performance Gap (PG)

Despite the good class performance, high school teachers have two gaps in their duties. First, teachers do not contribute actively to the student’s culture and school’s value diversity. In addition, teachers have a poor connection with the administration and parents. They work towards achieving student’s success solely.

Performance Gap (PG)

A Summary of Inputs

Teaching and coaching is a process of empowering someone to generate solutions independently. High school teachers teach students various subjects such as languages, mathematics, science, and religious studies. Coaching involves guiding to improve the learner’s potential. To perform this duty, teachers need to be well equipped with relevant skills and knowledge. They should have the ability to influence change in the student and their environment. Teaching occurs in various forms, such as lecturing, demonstrating, and practicing. It could also be formal or informal and requires a conducive environment.

A list of Competences for Operational Input

To qualify as an effective teacher, one has to possess a college degree in education from a recognized university. In addition, a teacher should have the ability to explain a concept in the simplest form possible. Confidence is a paramount element of a teacher as they have to address a huge crowd and different audiences. A teacher must be patient with the students and can analyze potential. They should be outspoken, social, and with good communication skills.

A reactive Status of TNA

The teachers’ independence and lack of involvement in school activities were evident as the students did not identify their teachers in co-curricular activities. Value diversity was identified by the administration.

A Proactive Status of the TNA

Before conducting the TNA, one could not identify the disconnect between teachers, parents, and the administration. None of the stakeholders had identified the need to collaborate. We established this need after asking about their relationship in personal interviews.

Recommendations for TNA needs

From the training needs assessment conducted, a performance gap is evident in two key areas. First, the teachers do not actively participate in shaping civic culture and the school’s value diversity. Moreover, there is a poor collaboration of the administration, teachers, and parents. The three stakeholders have a significant role to play in the success of a student.

To resolve the identified gap, teachers need to be trained on how to participate in school activities rather than just teaching. They should develop programs that enable them to engage with students outside the classes. In addition, they should be trained on skills of effective team working. They should be trained on how to start and maintain collaboration with other stakeholders. Communication skills and a good choice of communication medium are key to healthy collaboration. The administration should also delegate the authority for communicating with parents to teachers.

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