Analysis of Presentation Software


Presentation software is an important tool for people to learn, which they can use daily. For example, they can use it at school or at their workplace.

Speakers use PowerPoint presentations to supplement their argument or information to the audience. The graphics included in the slides make it easy to explain a point for the audience to understand.

Professionally, people can use presentation software to present their ideas in a boardroom and convince the management to consider applying their ideas. PowerPoint slides make convert the speaker’s ideas into visuals.

Presentation Software in Boardroom and Classroom

Before the presentation software was created, the traditional methods took a lot of time to prepare a presentation, especially with illustrations, such as graphs and pictures. The traditional method had no room for corrections, especially when the speaker notices a mistake a few minutes into the presentation.

Presentation slides can be used in real-life at any time when one needs to explain their point either in a boardroom or classroom. There are many editing tools in the presentation software which saves much time preparing the presentation slides.

One can make a few corrections to the presentation slides minutes before the presentation. Moreover, they can project their slides on a computer to ensure people from the far end can see everything on the slides.

Presentation Software Saves Time

The presentation software has many editing tools that people can use while creating their presentation slides. For instance, it is easy to choose different layouts for the slides to include multiple aspects and attract the audience’s attention.

The editing tools make it easy to include various graphics in the slides, which could take many hours when the traditional method is applied. Therefore, one spends less time developing professional presentation slides. The speaker can easily navigate through the slides during the presentation to emphasize their arguments.

Presentation Slides are Attractive

Presentation software allows speakers to catch their audience’s attention by using different slide backgrounds and visual elements, such as pictures and graphics.

Including animations, sound, and images in the slides are the best way to attract audiences’ attention. However, the speaker must not include many graphics in a single slide because it distracts the audience from the main presentation argument or point.

The speaker must slowly explain the points in each slide while keeping eye contact with the audience to ensure they understand everything. The presentation is only as good as the presenter. One must dress for success during a presentation to make the first good impression on the audience.

Three Elements of Presentation

Every presentation has three elements, which are the entrance, emphasis, and exit. The elements determine the overall experience during the presentation.

For the entrance, the speaker must use custom animation editing tools to bring life to their presentation. However, they must be keen to avoid creating a distraction with too many animated images in a single slide.

The emphasis element involves the transition between the slides during a presentation. The speakers can animate the transition between the slides in various ways to enhance the overall presentation experience.

The exit element depends on the speaker. The presenter must wear for success and be good at presenting to the audience for the PowerPoint presentation.


Video part I is the demonstration of how easy it is to create and edit a PowerPoint slide with different graphics and layouts to attract the attention of audiences. The presentation software makes everything visual, thus, increasing the chances of the audience understanding the speaker’s main point or argument.

It is easy to project the presentation slides on a computer to ensure the audience can see everything on the slides. Moreover, the editing tools make it easy to increase the font on each slide to make everything visible.

After developing the presentation software, it has become easy to use it every day to present a point or an argument in class or a boardroom.


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