Feedback and Developing Appropriate Writing


This reflective essay is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate mastery in the course results in terms of including feedback and developing appropriate writing. In addition, it consists of the author’s judgments about appealing to reviews, changing the previous paper based on them, and analyzing writing strategies. This paper aims to explain the student’s decisions to include feedback concerning argumentation, problem research, and integration of references.


The author’s decision to include specific reviews in the persuasive essay is directly connected with an understanding of the semantic and logical components of the arguments given. Thus, according to the student, the reviews allow one to see the strengths and weaknesses of the ideas, allowing the author to correct shortcomings in the future. Moreover, reviews give readers an initial orientation toward the text in order to understand whether it is worth reading or what key points can be found in it (Persuasive writing, 2022). Therefore, feedback gives a reader a “synopsis” of the whole paper. Moreover, it offers the author valuable experience, a powerful incentive for self-development, and an opportunity to correct or confirm the correctness of specific actions.

Exploration of the Issue

Based on specific feedback on the study of the problem, the author decided to make some significant amendments to the structure and content of the essay and support the initial direction by introducing additional specific facts and details. Primarily, the writer aims to change the central thesis of the introduction and the final part within the framework of a logical sequence, the objectivity of judgments, and systematic knowledge gained and identified aspects. Furthermore, the student strives to improve and transform the basic information presented in the essay by in-depth analysis and explanation of two problems through the synthesis of proven, reliable scientific articles, opinions of professionals in the field, as well as emotional attractions and special appeals to the audience. The author understands and believes that with well-chosen words and phrases, it is possible to encourage people to believe in some phenomena, giving them as examples not only personal experience, knowledge, and ideas, but also more accurate information, factual or statistical data.

Source Integration

It is important to emphasize that based on feedback about source integration, the author decided to include more high-quality, reliable, relevant, and credible sources of information related to the topic under study. In particular, the student determined to place special emphasis not only on direct quoting other people’s ideas but also on paraphrasing and summarizing the thoughts of “colleagues.” Indeed, these elements are an essential and necessary part of creating an accessible, concise and logical text, where the writer makes strong arguments in favor of their knowledge and assumptions, referring to specific cases.

Writing Strategies

Based on the target audience, the paper’s topic, and the goal, the author used the following effective and efficient writing strategies to support the arguments. First of all, the student actively focused on their personality, individual experiences, and memories from the past. Secondly, the writer utilized such tactics as representing personal views based on logic and causal relationships. Thirdly, the text clearly expressed the tendency to appeal to factual data and the opinion of experts in the field of business administration. Fourthly, repetitions are used in the essay to enhance the effect in terms of addressing the central problems in the sphere of interests and disputable sides of certain decisions.


In conclusion, feedback is one of the critical and significant components that the author of the persuasive essay must certainly take into account. In particular, reviews in a brief format familiarize a reader with the paper’s topic, as well as provide reliable support and support for the implementation of the student’s professionalism in writing and composing a remarkable text that could attract the attention of any audience. In addition, the author decided to improve the essay by adding more reliable data from trustworthy sources. Moreover, to support the arguments, the student used such writing strategies as appealing to personal experience and expert opinion and using repetitions to enhance the effect.


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